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Top 5 Weird Skating Inventions

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Top 5 Weird Skating Inventions

April 1st might have been and gone but it looks like some folks didn't get the memo. Check out these weird and wonderful(ish) inventions from the world of skate that no one asked for!sandal

One Wheel

Take a Skateboard deck, cut a hole in it and add a huge quad bike wheel. Great idea, genius some might say. And those people would be wrong. We can assume that who ever dreamt up One Wheel - essentially a seesaw on wheels - clearly doesn’t like kids or want them to live for very long. The board is also electric so the whole thing probably weighs a tonne, all begging the question – what is this for?

Grind Stick

Wondering how to combine slightly naff skateboarding with your love of low level pyromania? Wonder no more my friend, Grind Stick has you covered. Drag the stick behind you in a style reminiscent of Dick Van Dyke’s stunning performance in Mary Poppins, and watch the sparks fly! A truly magical experience that no one wants, needs or asked for.


Q: What’s better than griptape?

A: Not carpet.

We all love a decent shag pile, but I can’t imagine anything weirder than riding on one of these. The Shaggo combines carpet and board with truly horrific results. This seems like a desperate attempt by a carpet salesman trying to show everyone how cool carpet can be. We’ll assume it didn’t work.

Tougher than Leather by Greece is for Lovers (pictured above)

If Jesus lived today he would skate. It makes sense seeing as in depth research from OPM has revealed that Heaven is actually a Halfpipe. I think even Jesus would avoid this creation. Before you start banging on doors, begging to snag yourself one of these bad boys, this is actually a one off piece of art. Like all great art, it does pose a lot of questions like ‘how long before this is actually a thing?’ and ‘WHAT ARE THOOSE’.




Don’t fix what’s not broken is great advice, advice that somehow escaped the creators of the Bowboard. The twisted love child of a scooter and an exercise ball - the Bowboard gives its rider all the benefits of skating, with none of the style, tricks, fun, freedom... I could go on. But style will be the last thing on your mind as you bop up and down with your calves on fire, wishing you’d just bought a damn scooter.

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