The New Electric BMX Bike Turning Heads

What an age we live in! Electric scooters, electric skateboards and now…electric BMX Bikes! When the Flow Street9 eBMX turned up at our store, heads were turned, catching the eye of both our staff and customers with its sleek design and simplistic style, packed with technological goodness. Within the lightweight frame you’ve got a 24V battery with a 40km range, pumping out a max speed of 25km/h.

We all know the Flow Street9 is too fancy to whip around the skate parks, but this ride is suited for people who want an electric bike which doesn’t look like your dad’s mountain bike. Inspired by the spirit of BMX and designed in the UK, Street9 is the ultimate balance of style, form and function. The perfect ebike cruiser with classic BMX lines.

Flow Street9 Electric BMX Bike

Flow Street9 Features

Cruise around in ultimate comfort. Get that perfect chill riding position with fully adjustable saddle and handlebars, letting you ride exactly how you like it. Street9 is all about that BMX vibe with a UK twist. It’s the perfect mix of style, form, and function making it a killer ebike cruiser with classic BMX lines.

Flow label means top-notch quality. Our bikes are built with serious craftsmanship and top components, from custom hand-built frames to forged alloy cranks, sealed bottom brackets, Samsung 3500 cells, and Kenda Kiniption tires. The Street9 Electric BMX’s colour display makes it easy to keep track of everything. You can see your speed, distance, battery life, and more with a glance.

Stay in control with advanced Kenda Kiniption tires and double-walled rims, ready to take on urban terrain like a champ. The Street9 Electric BMX setup is all about effortless and efficient riding. The single-speed gearing is designed for the perfect balance between cadence and power – delivering the ultimate ride. Check out the Flow Street9 in the SkateHut ebike range today!

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