The CORE T-Bag – The Best Stunt Scooter Accessory

One of the biggest problems for stunt scooter riders is actually moving their equipment around. Let’s face it, we all know scooters can be cumbersome and aren’t the most ergonomic for moving around, especially if you’re going abroad, as mentioned by SkateHut sponsor Jordan Hall. The last thing you want is airport security pulling you aside for the suspicious suitcase, haphazardly packed with your scooter sticking out the side.

Well, CORE have come up with the perfect solution with their scooter T-Bag, specifically designed to transport your deck, bars, wheels and components securely and safely wherever you’re going. Everything has been considered with this accessory, from the location of the straps for either carrying on your back or on your scooter itself, to the internal pockets and space for clamps, compression, and everything else. What’s more, it also looks very cool, with sturdy material to protect your gear and branding in keeping with the CORE aesthetic. Get one of these and everyone will be asking where to get one, which is fortunate because you can get them right here online with SkateHut.

The Perfect Bag for your Stunt Scooter

So, if you’ve got a scooter you love, whether it’s a custom or complete, make sure it’s got the best accessory when getting it to the skate park, so it doesn’t get any knicks or dents, because we all know accidents can happen. Get the CORE scooter T-bag today and have the confidence of knowing your scooter is going to be padded and secure in this awesome must-have. It’s better than banging it in the back of your cars boot anyway!

Key Features of the CORE T-bag

- Adjustable straps for both carrying and attaching to your scooter

- Internal zippable pockets to store components and hardware

- Sturdy and padded material to protect your scooter

- Ample room to store your decks, bars wheels and even pads

- Perfect for international travel with a specialised, ergonomic design


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