SkateHut’s Top 5 Things to do on Go Skateboarding Day Besides Skating...Duh!

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SkateHut’s Top 5 Things to do on Go Skateboarding Day Besides Skating...Duh!

Sunday the 21st is International Go Skateboarding Day! It is an annual holiday that started back in 2002 in New York which in the years that followed, has grown and spread worldwide. There are now annual events held by companies like Skatistan in Afghanistan and Vans in Singapore. This year might be tough as a lot of parks are still waiting to open up after the covid-19 lockdown. The scheduled weather at the moment is looking to drown a lot of skate spots, so we have put together a list of skate related activities you can enjoy this Sunday.

1. Fingerboarding!

Ah yes, ever since Tech Decks came onto the market they have been the fidget toy of choice for the skateboarder waiting for the next sesh. Whilst it in no way replaces the joy of skating, lining up a tasty run involving epic slow motion grinds on the edges of books, desks or whatever is in front of you, is all part of the fun. Fingerboarding has since stepped up a whole other level. With amazing skate park spots that you can buy and create at home your own dream skatepark is one purchase way. Be sure to check out additions from Blackriver Ramps and real wooden scaled-down fingerboards from BerlinWood. The authenticity of the experience will keep you active for hours!

2. Watch a skate film you love and share it with a friend

Some of the best skate videos and clips have always been recommendations from friends, (often borrowed from them too)! So why not take some time out to stick on a film and get inspired. Maybe learn some hard-learned lessons from the past from “Bones Brigade: An Autobiography” or catch one of the “Love letters to skateboarding” (the letters) by Jeff Grosso (RIP) on YouTube or even see how Skateboarding is changing the lives of children across the world “Learning to skateboard in a warzone (If you’re a girl)” which picked up an Oscar!!! The important thing is if you find something and love it, share it with your friends so that people’s stories get passed and carry on.

3. Play a skateboarding game

So there are a tonne of classic games out there to keep you occupied whilst we wait for two behemoths being released very soon namely Tony Hawks Pro Skater 1 + 2 remastered and Skater XL so why not put some practice in the meantime because when those games drop all your friends will be seshing them hard!

4. Build your dream skateboard build on our custom builder

What does your dream skateboard look like? What would it look like with different trucks, or maybe these wheels or that grip tape? Daydreaming about what your new set up is going to look like is an amazing way to pass the time but now add an actual visual element to the experience by using the SkateHut custom builder and rendering your vision on the screen, then if you are feeling flush snap it up with an extra 10% off at checkout and have it built by one of our many build experts and delivered out to you. Don’t forget we have next working day delivery if you are in a hurry. Make your dreams come true!

5.Interact with our HQ Resident skater Sean on Sunday between 12 - 2pm in an instagram Q&A

That’s right our last suggestion is to hit up one of our resident skate experts Sean. Hit him with questions or for trick tips on Sunday between 12 and 2pm on the @skatehut Instagram. Sean is a certifiable vault of knowledge so let him provide you with ALL the answers on the best day of the year! Also don’t forget to wish him Happy Father’s Day!

Ok everyone so we hope that Sunday is as much a celebration for you as it is for us and you stay safe, be kind and go skating! x

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