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SkateHut Scooter Team - Rider Profiles

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SkateHut Scooter Team - Rider Profiles

Meet The Scoot Team!

If you took a peek inside our SkateHut Instagram DM’s, you’d see the most frequent question we are asked: “are you sponsoring?” Over the years we’ve been blessed to work with many great scooter riders, but we all felt it had been far too long since we had a full SkateHut-sponsored scooter team. Starting late last year going into 2020, SkateHut assembled a new team. In forming this team we wish to contribute our resources and experience into the scooter community. Helping some friends as well as some new up-and-comers is the way we decided to do this.

Straight from the jump we had a lot of interest! We’ve had the privilege to assemble a heavy-hitting roster of athletes that really push scootering forward. So let’s introduce our three official pro riders:

Jordan Hall

Jordan Hall, SkateHut T-Shirt

Jordan Hall was the first person we asked to join the team. Currently ranked 2nd in Europe and 10th in the world, Jordan’s approach to park is highly technical to the point where he’s pulling out tricks with a level of consistency that so many of his peers won’t dabble with for fear of messing up their run! Jordan has done a lot of travelling through scootering and says that Australia was his favourite place to visit so far. When asked what people should do to progress in scootering Jordan said “Keep practising and have fun with it”. He then added that watching other people progress around him has always been a great motivator to push himself further. Off the scooter Jordan is a total character! His positivity and enthusiasm is infectious to be around and is constantly responsible for at least a million quotable lines per sesh. As well as being sponsored by SkateHut Jordan is also currently sponsored by MGP and GAIN Protection.

Isiah Samms

Isiah Samms, SkateHut hoodie

We’ve had the pleasure of working with Isiah before as he was a part of the team we entered to Scootfest 2017, along with Leo Spencer and Jordan Clark. So when the opportunity to work with him came round again - we were stoked! Isiah’s style of park riding really is all about going full speed, working on gymnastically intricate tricks tenaciously until he’s able to pull them out comfortably but then as soon as it’s accomplished he’s tweaking it to the next logical height. Isiah is 9th in Europe and 16th in the world. His advice to all those wanting to progress and go pro is: “don’t take it too seriously, it’s important to have fun with it”. He also credits Devon Lowe as someone who constantly motivates him to push himself further. Off the scooter Isiah is always game for a laugh and isn’t scared to lay down a dance move to celebrate when a trick comes together. As well as being sponsored by SkateHut Isiah is sponsored by Fusion Scooters and Core Pads.

Lewis Johnson

Lewis Johnson, S1 Helmet

When Lew joined the team we were beyond stoked! He carries himself with such amazing confidence in his riding and his personality - we knew he’d be an awesome fit. He’s as comfortable riding park as he is riding street so a true double threat. Currently ranked 12th in Europe, Lew has travelled all over the world and counts Switzerland and Poland as some of his favourite places to ride. Lewis has said that the best advice he can give to others who want to progress is to “enjoy yourself while you can and have fun with it”. He says Ryan Williams has been a major influencer and motivator for him. Off the scooter Lew uses his time building his side hustles and deals with stocks and shares. This 19 year old clearly has an eye for the future. As well as being sponsored by SkateHut, Lew is sponsored by Triad Scooters & Oath, S1scoot and is an ambassador for Graystone Action Sports Manchester.

We are very proud to present our official scoot team. These lads will represent us well as both riders and personalities throughout 2020. Keep your eyes firmly focussed on our social media and our YouTube channel for some killer content from these guys!

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