Skateboarding Events at Paris 2024 Guide

Skateboarding is relatively new to the world of Olympic sporting events, only being introduced in 2020, but has proven to be a popular sport to watch during this time, introducing millions of viewers to this awesome sport. It’s easy to see why it’s come back for Paris 2024, because we all know skateboarding has a steep learning curve and skill gap, making it that much more awe-inspiring to watch. The question really should be, why wasn’t it an Olympic event sooner!? Well, better late than never I guess, because we’re keeping a close eye on the competition this year and for any skaters, these events will be a must-watch, but if you’re just curious about the sport and simply like to see daring competitors launch themselves off ramps and seemingly defy gravity, then hopefully this post will help figure out what’s going on.

First off, there are two disciplines that will have their separate events and competitors: park and street. The park event puts each rider through a combination of bowls and bends, while the street event takes place on a straight course with a combination of street elements like rails and stairs, simulating an urban environment. Each style is very different, which is why they are separated, where we see park riders building up speed to get big air and pull of epic tricks, street riders will be against the clock, judged on their technical ability to land tricks.

Each event consists of two rounds: prelims and finals, broken down into men’s and women’s events:

  • 27th July – Men’s Street
  • 28th July – Women’s Street
  • 6th August – Women’s Park
  • 7th August – Men’s Park

Meet the Team GB for Skateboarding

For Paris 2024 we see the return of Sky Brown for the Women’s Park Event, joined by 16-year-old Lola Tambling and 50-year-old Andy Mcdonald. This trio will represent Great Britain in the park events, so make sure you see them in action and show your support! The skaters will be judged using the World Skateboarding Ranking System.

The Venue

With extreme sports events gaining more traction this year, Paris has dedicated La Concorde to an urban sports complex, perfect for not only skateboarding, but also BMX freestyle and 3x3 basketball. This is a perfect choice for anyone who will be attending the event themselves, with ease of public transport and proximity to the city centre.

So get ready for what looks like a fantastic year of skateboarding, with competition stronger than ever before this Summer in Paris!