Scooter Showdown: SkateHut’s Scoot Royale Pits Riders against Pros for Cash and Merch!

SkateHut is excited to announce its very own Scoot Royale, an upcoming event that is set to take place on the 23rd of April at Adrenaline Alley in Corby. The event is open to all Scooter riders regardless of their skill level and will feature an epic game of Scoot. Participants will enter their names, which will be drawn at random in pairs. They will then play their game of Scoot and whoever wins will go on to the next round. In this extravagant tournament, the winner will receive a cash prize of £500 and some hot merch. The second and third-place runners-up will also receive prizes from a smaller pool. The Scoot Royale truly promises to be a fun-filled day for everyone, giving the average rider an opportunity to go toe to toe with a pro.

Alongside the game of Scoot, there will also be a Battle of the Brands whereby each brand can put forward a pro rider to represent them, which will act as a showcase to demonstrate what the riders can really do with their Scooters. They will have a timed set to do their routine and be judged on their performance. It's an excellent opportunity and also a great time for participants and spectators alike to see some of the best riders in the area showing off their skills and getting down to business.



Once the games and competitions have finally come to an end, SkateHut would like to wind the day down with a meet-and-greet session with the pro riders. This will be a fantastic opportunity for fans to meet their favourite riders, take photos and get autographs too. SkateHut will also invite each brand to set up an area where they can show some of their latest kit, sell some of their top products and undertake Q&A sessions. It's also a great chance for participants and spectators to check out the hottest gear on the market and get some expert advice from the pros.

‘We're thrilled to be hosting Scoot Royale’ says Richard Skidmore, Head of Marketing at SkateHut. ‘It's always been our goal to create a fun and inclusive environment for scooter riders of all levels, and this event is an excellent way to showcase the talent we have in the community. We're also excited to see how the Battle of the Brands will play out. It's a great way for riders to show off their skills and represent their brands.’



SkateHut has been a hub for the local Scooter community for years, and the Scoot Royale event is a testament to their commitment to supporting the scene. ‘We want to create an environment where riders can come together, learn from each other and push themselves to be better’ says Ranvir Gill, Marketing Executive at SkateHut. ‘We hope that Scoot Royale will be a fun and memorable day for everyone involved.’

Scoot Royale promises to be an exciting event that scooter riders of all levels will absolutely not want to miss. With the chance to win a cash prize, see pro riders in action and meet some of the best riders in the area! It's an event that has something for everyone and SkateHut encourages all participants and spectators to come along to Adrenaline Alley and have a blast.