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New In - Xootz Kids Electric Scooters

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New In - Xootz Kids Electric Scooters


We are excited to announce that we now have brand new Xootz electric scooters for kids in stock! Kids scooters are perfect for helping young ones establish their balancing skills, stability and spatial awareness, all whilst having an absolute blast. At the push of a button, they will be whizzing about and enjoying the outdoors with a massive smile on their face. Xootz produces innovative electric scooters which are designed to allow kids to have a limitless amount of fun in the outside world. Its e-scooters are made from top-quality materials, making them robust, completely safe to ride and affordable too. Below, we are going to run through the four Xootz kids electric scooters which we have available for you right now.

Xootz Elements Electric Scooter - Black/Green

Xootz Elements Electric Scooter - green Xootz Elements Electric Scooter - green

The Xootz Elements is a chic electric scooter which comes in both black/green and black/blue. With a maximum speed of 5mph and a battery life of up to 60 minutes, this piece of kit will bring you hours of joy. The built in foot brake will ensure that the scooter can be brought to a reduced speed or a controlled stop quickly and safely.

Xootz Elements Electric Scooter - Black/Blue

Xootz Elements Electric Scooter - blue Xootz Elements Electric Scooter - blue

If blue is the colour for you, then you’re in luck! The Xootz Elements also comes in a striking black/blue colourway too. Not only is this model able to reach 5mph with a solid battery life, but it is also able to cover distances of up to 8km upon a single charge due to its integrated 70W belt driven motor and 12V rechargeable battery. Once the fun is over, it can easily be folded and stored away so that the fun can commence again in no time.

Xootz Electro Electric Scooter

Xootz Electro Electric Scooter - Black and green Xootz Electro Electric Scooter - Black and green

The Xootz Electro comes in a black/green colourway and has a very dark, slick look about it. If it’s high speed fun you’re after, then you can’t go wrong with the Electro. With a maximum speed of up to 11mph and maximum range of a whopping 12.4 miles, this monster is perfect for dashing through the wind. Its battery lasts for up to 80 minutes, with an easy-to-use thumb accelerator throttle to give you full control of the electric scooter. The Electro also comes with adjustable handlebars which can be extended from 80cm to 95cm for increased comfort and usability.

Xootz Evader Electric Scooter

Xootz Evader Electric Scooter - Black/white/red Xootz Evader Electric Scooter - Black/white/red

With an eye-catching mixture of white, red and black, the Xootz Evader combines a quintessential mix of both dark and light colours to give this machine an immaculate finish. Just like the Electro, it comes with a user-friendly thumb accelerator throttle and an electric foot brake so that you have absolute control over your speed and movements at all times. The Evader is able to reach a maximum speed of 9.3mph with a maximum range of 6.2 miles. With regards to battery life, the Evader can run for 40 minutes without charging and it has a charge time of only two hours from flat to full.

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