New In - Creature Decks 2021

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New In - Creature Decks 2021

Creature designs skateboards and skateboarding accessories which have a distinctively dark but striking look about them. With its iconic green and black colourways, you can spot a Creature skateboard from a mile off. Another thing that makes its skateboards so unique is the fact that its decks tend to be slightly larger than most, perfect for taking your excitement up a notch at skating pools and bowls!

Luckily for you, Creature has recently launched a new range of skateboard decks! We are about to give you a quick breakdown of these bad boys to help you choose which one you would like to get your hands on.

Creature Kimbel Freaks Skateboard Deck - Blue 9"

Creature Willis Kimbel Skateboard Deck

The Kimbel Freaks is an eccentric deck that is 9 inches in width and 33 inches in length, larger than the majority of decks out there! This deck is ideal for adults who appreciate a larger skateboard surface and those who particularly enjoy skating in bowls and pools. ‘Freaky’ would be a great way to sum up the style of this large deck in one word; its chaotic artwork is perfect for when you are out and about getting your freak on!

Creature Baekkel Troll Skateboard Deck - Green 8.6"

Creature Beakkel Skateboard Deck

Although it is slightly smaller than the Kimbel Freaks skateboard deck, the Baekkel Troll is also a large deck, with a width of 8.6 inches and a length of 32.11 inches. This deck is perfect for adults and in terms of its style, it has a very dark, horror-like feel to it which will make your stunts look even scarier!

Creature Gravette Yak Sesh Skateboard Deck - Blue 8.3"

Creature Yak Sesh Skateboard Deck

The Gravette Yak Sesh is 8.3 inches in width and 32.2 inches in length, slightly smaller than some of the other larger decks from the Creature range. Its size makes it suitable for the average adult skater who is after a gnarly skateboard deck from pro model David Gravette, with bright eye-catching artwork!

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