Brand Of The Month - Rookie!

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Brand Of The Month - Rookie!

Rookie is a British producer of top quality roller skates and roller skate aesthetics. Founded in 1978, this amazing brand actually pioneered the popular roller skate aesthetic and look which is currently so well-known. Diversity and style is at the core of Rookie’s brand values and this is reflected across its iconic roller skates which scream positivity and individuality. We will now go through some of the Rookie favourites which we have in stock so that you can cruise with style this spring!

New! Rookie Legacy Quad Roller Skates

Rookie Legacy

The Rookie Legacy Quad Skates are perfect for beginners or intermediate level skaters who are somewhat new to roller skating and are at the early stages of their grand skating journey. They capture your attention with a bright printed tie-dye material displayed across the skates. The tie-dye print coupled with the infamous PVC stripes and trainer-like midsole gives these distinctive skates a cool retro look which you just can’t take your eyes off!

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New! Rookie Harmony Quad Roller Skates

Rookie Harmony

The Rookie Harmony Quad Skates are also ideal for new skaters and those with a tad bit of skating experience. Their eye-catching leopard print, alongside black laces and purple wheels gives these roller skates an iconic look and is just what you need if you’re on the hunt for a pair of skates which will showcase your individuality! This pair also comes with extra padding, so you can skate along comfortably and snug.

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New! Rookie Magic Quad Roller Skates

Rookie Magic

Now, the Magic Quad Skates truly are magical. Their subtly printed checker, combined with the iconic PVC stripes give these skates a classic retro feel to them. The Magic skates are great for new skaters and also comes with a bit of extra padding for a comfortable experience. These skates are certainly made for action and will look magnificent as you are skating by!

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Rookie Bubblegum Quad Roller Skates 

The pastel colourway, together with the bright blue laces and wheels on the Bubblegum skates give it a striking, unique appearance. Aside from their fantastic aesthetics, what will really make you stick to these skates is the oh-so comfortable soft padding which will make your skating experience so much more enjoyable. The nylon truck also gives the Bubblegum quad skates that lightweight feel, so that you can glide along happily with ease.

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Best Seller: Rookie Rosa Quad Roller Skates 

Rookie Rosa

If you are looking to bring a floral vibe to your skating world, then the Rosa Quad Skates will be just right for you. They are currently the best seller and just by taking one look at this extraordinary pair, you can see why. The plain white look with the eye-catching rose gives the Rosa skates a simple and trendy but prestigious look. They come with 82A wheels upon a nylon truck, together with a soft padded boot lined with fleece for that extra bit of comfort.

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