Best Electic Scooter Brands 2021

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Best Electic Scooter Brands 2021


There has been a quiet revolution happening in certain major cities where Electric Scooters for hire have been rolled out and tested as a means of providing quick, easy and clean energy transport solutions.

Milton Keynes, Northampton and the West Midlands have welcomed trials of electric scooters provided by the company Bird as part of a much larger effort by the government to see e-scooters finally be made legal forms of road transport. The benefits of electric conveyance to solving problems of air and noise pollution along with congestion in major cities is certainly compelling. With government targets to get more electric cars on the road, the electric scooter looks like a more accessible alternative for short-hop commuting in the meantime.

All throughout lockdown this year there’s been a huge increase in key workers using electric scooters to commute to work eliminating the need to use their car and the stress of commuter driving. The government has been consulting since June on urgent legislation for electric scooters so those in the know may be wiser to do their research and get their scooter now before the expected popularity boom in 2021. Here at SkateHut we have been stocking electric scooters and skateboards, longboards for a few years now so we have put together a list of brands to for you to watch in 2021.


Xiaomi scooter brand feature image

Xiaomi has seen a rapid rise in popularity in the electronics industry since they were founded in 2014, their secret being they have consistently put their knowledge and quality behind all the best electric trends with scootering being one of their highlight products. Their latest range of scooters including models ‘the essential’, ‘1S’ and ‘Pro 2’ are a great example why this brand will continue to rise as they address all price points in the market to make electric commuting accessible to more people. The essential being the most budget-friendly in the range has all the modern features you would expect on an e-scooter including cruise control, kinetic energy recovery system (KERS allowing a trickle charge to generate when the scooter is in use) and disc brakes. All these features along with impressive battery life, top speed and total distance achievable on a single charge make Xiaomi Scooters definitely a top choice to consider.


Zinc scooter brand image

Zinc has been at the forefront of electric toys and wheeled products since 2009. Many people will be confident with Zinc products already with their extremely popular hoverboards, electric go-karts and quad bikes already being in many households today. One of their models to keep on is the Zinc Eco Max Electric Scooter which comes jam-packed with all the mod cons including an adjustable three-speed throttle to allow people to get used to EScooter riding. The Eco Max also comes with cruise control, KERS battery regeneration and rear disc brakes.


Unagi scooter brand feature images

Unagi’s approach to the Escooter market is to make quality products to be accessible, portable and desirable. With their designs incorporating top quality components and materials including the use of TORAY Carbon Fibre, (The same material used in the space X program) custom-designed puncture-proof tyres and many more third party, custom features that makes their range stand out. The ONE E500 is available in four stunning colourways and comes with a three-speed throttle, ABS E Brakes, a 1 Click folding system for easy storage and portability and a 250w motor in each wheel for 500w combined power and response.


Egret scooter brand feature image

Egret is one of the most premium e-scooters we have and for good reason. The construct of the Egret Ten V3 is high-quality and the workmanship all works together to give unparalleled performance. The Ten V3 uses it’s 500W of power extremely well and is capable of speeds up to 30km/h over a range of 40km on a single charge so you’ll cover great distances quickly! The scooter also comes equipped with a whisper quiet Direct Drive engine for a relaxing ride and something that can be very important to the daily commuter is a very fast recharge time of 70% within 2 hours and 100% in four to keep you going longer.

With these top options available and plenty more to see on our website, 2021 truly can be your year to join the electric revolution and allow e-scooters to take you further!

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