Hit the waves with our bodyboards

Find all you need to start Bodyboarding here at SkateHut. We have everything to make a splash and ride the waves, whether its a kids boogie board or Professional Bodyboards. Shop a wide variety of Bodyboards from top brands, in a range of shapes and sizes. No matter your preference, build or weight, we have the perfect one for you. Backdating to Ancient Polynesia, the origins of Bodyboards can be traced to the Alaia Surfboard.

Bodyboarding originates from Indigenous Polynesians partaking in the ancient form of riding waves on your belly or knees. Bodyboarding, also known as Boogie Boards, became popularised in Western Culture as a competitive and recreational Water Sport. ‘Boogie Boarding’ was introduced by Tom Morey at the crest of the 1970s and remains a popular form of full body muscle strengthening activity today. Get your hands on our stellar setups at budget friendly prices so that you too can make the most of summer, and ride the waves for less. Make the most of the scorching sun and heatwaves, whilst showing off your skills on the beach. With a range of striking styles and colourways you can really express yourself, even out in the sea. Our top-quality Body Boards are designed to last, persevering through the strong waves so that it can be used for several seasons to come, rather than an unreliable one-off summer alternative.

Shop the fantastic range of beginner friendly Bodyboards today. Our variety caters to newbies who are looking to learn from square one and start an amazing hobby. For those of you who are more experienced, we have boards that are designed to really push you to the limit, for an unmatched experience on the sea. Our product variety is wide enough to cater to the whole family, so that kids and adults alike can have fun in the sun. Shop today and enjoy Free Delivery on all orders over £100.

Bodyboards FAQs

  • How do I choose the right size bodyboard?

    The right bodyboard size depends on your height, weight, and skill level. As a general guideline, the board should reach between your navel and your knees when standing next to it. Consult a size chart provided by the manufacturer for more accurate recommendations.
  • Should I consider the tail shape of the bodyboard?

    Yes, the tail shape affects the board's performance. Crescent tails are versatile and suitable for all skill levels, while bat tails provide increased control and maneuverability. Channels or grooves on the tail can enhance speed and control as well.
  • Are bodyboard leashes necessary?

    Yes, bodyboard leashes are essential for safety. They prevent the board from getting lost in the waves and help keep it close to you. Make sure the leash is securely attached to your wrist or arm.
  • Can I use a bodyboard in all wave conditions?

    Bodyboards can be used in various wave conditions, from small and mellow waves to larger, more powerful waves. However, certain bodyboards may perform better in specific wave types, so consider the conditions you'll be riding in.