Shop Wheelie Bikes at SkateHut

If you’re looking for a wheelie bike then look no further than SkateHut. We have a wide range for you to browse, so get stuck in below! A wheelie bike in today’s context usually refers to a large-frame BMX Bike. You may also have heard them be called dragsters, muscle Bikes, or even spyder bikes.

It may sound confusing at first – isn’t every Bike essentially a wheelie bike with the right brake feathering? The term is now becoming adopted to mean a type of bike that’s just to goof around on and have some fun. Wheelie bikes are for those who are just looking for a good time riding their bike, and maybe do a couple of tricks.

To many, they have rekindled their passion for riding their bike. So whether you’re looking to just cruise through the town or take on some urban exploration, find the perfect wheelie bike now. Need a little help? We have some great Bike Buying Guides for you to check out to give you a nudge in the right direction.