BMX Grips Direct from SkateHut

For the best in BMX grips from leading industry names, look no further than the selection of BMX handlebar grips we have here at SkateHut. An essential part of any BMX, your handlebar grips help you stay in control better when riding or pulling tricks. We are proud to say we have bike grips from big brands such as Cult, ODI and Raptor BMX Bikes, in a variety of colours and styles to suit your setup. So take a look through our collection of BMX grips today and place an order with SkateHut.

BMX Grips FAQs

  • What makes the bike grips sold at SkateHut better than other alternatives on the market?

    The bike grips sold at SkateHut stand out from all of the other for a host of reasons. First of all, our selection of grips have been designed with particular textures to allow for a firm grip. This means that you won’t need to shy away from the challenging conditions that come with BMX bike riding, simply because you will be able to hang on to your grips with ease, no matter if the terrain is rough and bumpy, or if you are landing from an epic trick. At SkateHut, we prioritise quality, performance and safety, so you can be sure that the grips you purchase from us will meet or exceed your expectations. If you demand nothing but the best when it comes to BMX riding, you have come to the right place; these grips will be a fine addition to your complete setup. 

  • Are your grips suitable for riding in wet conditions?

    The bike grips that we offer have been engineered to allow for a solid hold even in wet and rainy conditions. We understand that bmx riders will be riding in all sorts of weather conditions, whether it be hot and humid conditions or wet and rainy. The texture and design of our grips have been designed in such a way that, even if it happens to be pouring down heavily with rain, you will be able to securely grip onto your top-quality grips without worrying about your hands slipping off. When riding in extreme conditions, you should always think about safety first, ensuring that you ride with a suitable helmet, elbow pads and knee pads. 

  • Are the bmx grips easy to clean?

    Keeping your BMX grips clean is essential not only for maintaining their appearance, but also for ensuring that your bmx bike performs well over time. We understand how important it is to maintain your gear with the least amound of hassle possible and it is for this reason that we have designed our grips to be cleaned easily so that you can keep them looking fresh and getting the job done with hardly any effort. You don’t need any specialised equipment to clean these grips, all you need is a solution of soap or detergent mixed together with warm water, then use a soft brush or cloth to first dip into the solution, then scrub the grips to remove any dirt or grime.