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Kick-flip into the world of SkateHut’s skateboard parts, where the best engineered skateboard accessories are available for you skaters. Regardless of whether you are a seasoned pro rider seeking the latest advancements on the market to enhance your setup and take it to the next level, or if you are a beginner who is just starting out and wanting to ensure your first complete skateboard is made up of the best skateboard parts, you are in the right place. SkateHut is your one-stop destination for everything skate related, from complete skateboards, skateboard parts, protection and everything in between. Our collection consists of a wide variety of the best skateboard components, including cutting-edge decks, precision trucks, response agile wheels, extremely smooth bearings, easy-to-hold grips, durable bolts, etc. 

SkateHut is more than just your skating supplier, we are a reliable source for helping you take your skateboarding lifestyle to the next level. We are here for you on your journey to becoming the best skater you can be, offering you a range of skateboard parts that will suit your individual needs, skill levels and preferences. We understand that your complete skateboard isn’t just a skateboard, it is an extension of your personality and who you are as a character. It is for this reason that our skateboard accessories have been designed to offer you an incredible experience, so you’ll be shredding with confidence no matter who you are or where you are.

Skateboard Parts FAQs

  • What types of skateboard parts and accessories does SkateHut offer?

    SkateHut offers a variety of decks from the best materials out there. Whether you are a fan of the classic feel of the maple deck, or you take a liking to decks that are more lightweight and versatile, or anything in between, we have got your needs sorted. Our skateboard trucks come in all sorts of widths and materials, allowing riders to customise the features of their setup to achieve what they want to achieve. We have an extensive selection of wheels and bearings available to truly set your skateboard apart from the rest. The skateboard wheels and skateboard bearings are the foundations of your skateboard and skateboarding as a whole; our bearings will ensure smooth, easy movement and we have wheels in a range of sizes, hardness levels and designs to suit your style of skating.

  • How can I choose the right skateboard deck for my riding style?

    You will firstly want to think about your riding style. If you are a street skater who likes to perform tricks, you might be better suited to a shorter and more maneuverable deck. Street skaters thrive on versatility, due to their need and desires to to perform tricks, flips and grinds. Shorter decks allows for this increased maneuverability and agility to execute these sharp movements. Street skaters might also want to consider going for a popsicle shape. A popsicle shape is characterised by a symmetrical and rounded nose and tail that provides an equal and consistent feel when you ride, contributing to that feel of evenness, and versatility.

    If you are more of a cruiser, you’ll want a more stable riding experience. It is for this reason that you will want to go for a longer and wider deck under your feet to give you even more stability and control. These boards have been designed for longer, straight, smooth journeys for smoother movements and turning. These longer decks can vary, but some of our popular wider decks are 8.25 skateboards

  • Are the skateboard parts and accessories on the SkateHut website suitable for beginners?

    Absolutely, at SkateHut, we offer a diverse range of skateboard parts and skateboard accessories to cater to riders of all skill levels and abilities, and this includes beginners. For beginners especially, stability is absolutely essential to facilitate a smoother learning curve, Our skateboard parts, such as our wider skateboard decks and wheels to name a few, are designed to enhance your balance and give you a solid foundation that you can use to progress. These wider profiles will also be a safer option too, as the stabiity will minimise balance loss and thus falling. Falling and getting back up onto the board is all part of the skateboarding journey, but unnecessary falling can be minimised by choosing components that are suitable for your skill level and luckily for you, we have plenty of skate parts for every skill level.