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Are you ready to shred some sick tricks on a skateboard? If so, you gotta check out Santa Cruz Skateboards!

Santa Cruz Complete Skateboards are a legendary skateboard brand that's been around since the 1970s. They're known for their killer graphics and top-notch quality boards that are perfect for cruising, carving, and hitting the skate park. Whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting out, Santa Cruz has got you covered with a range of boards that cater to all skill levels. Plus, they've got a sweet collection of apparel and accessories that'll have you looking fresh while you ride. So, what are you waiting for? Grab a Santa Cruz Complete Skateboard, hit the pavement, and show off your skills to the world!

Keep Shredding with Santa Cruz

Shop our exciting range of Santa Cruz clothing and Santa Cruz skateboards, including Santa Cruz t shirts, jumpers, jerseys, backpacks and more from SkateHut. Trust the UKs number one skate shop to supply you with the best in skate gear. At SkateHut you can shop Santa Cruz hoodies and accessories all at great prices. A household name, Santa Cruz have been trusted by the masses with their top quality products for over 40 years.

Known for manufacturing the greatest selection of innovative designs and styles of Santa Cruz clothes and skateboards, there’s a reason Santa Cruz has remained one of the top skating brands. With their name alone being synonymous with quality and performance you know you’re in safe hands with one of the OG skate brands around. With our wide range of the iconic Santa Cruz Complete Skateboards, longboards and cruisers, there’s truly something for every skater whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned skater.

Use the advanced filters at the side to help you choose the best board for you. Santa Cruz decks and wheels are sure to upgrade your setup and fit the aesthetic without sacrificing style, offering supreme colours and designs to pick from. With the best range of set ups, Santa Cruz curates unique and innovative designs that offer maximum fun factor. We’ve got you covered no matter your style with the coveted Santa Cruz Screaming Hand and Classic Dot range to the newest pop-culture collaborations including the latest Stranger Things line drop. Not sure what to get? Contact our friendly support team who are always on hand to help.

Santa Cruz Skateboards FAQs

  • Is Santa Cruz a Good Skateboard Brand?

    Santa Cruz is a quality Skateboard brand, great for beginner and intermediate Skaters. Their easy breezy vibe has been recognised through Santa Cruz’s renowned reputation as a welcoming and inclusive pillar of the Skate and Surf Community. Santa Cruz Completes are truly the goldilocks of boards, with their medium hardness bushings and wheels making turns and cruising slightly easier and user friendly.

    A medium soft bushing means the trucks will have more give in them, allowing for an easier flow. The 95A wheels are a midway softness for a smoother ride, but if you’re considering more consistent outdoor use you may prefer softer Longboard Wheels for cruising.

  • Who Sells Santa Cruz Clothing?

    Santa Cruz Clothing has achieved such Skate Wear giant status that it’s now sold by most mainstream extreme or surf wear distributors, including us here at SkateHut. Its great notoriety can be attributed to its long lasting style and comfort factor.

    The effortless casual, cosy vibe is timeless while the brand loves to stay on trend with new and limited runs of Skate designs and collaborations with other pop-culture giants such as the famous Santa Cruz Screaming Hand. Santa Cruz Clothing has remained a cultural staple with its reliable Skate quality and offbeat designs no matter what your style. 

  • Does Santa Cruz Clothing Run Small?

    Santa Cruz Clothing sizes are known to run small. Sizing is based on slim build, with a slightly oversized fit which is reflected in the elongated seams more so than the overall fit of the garment. The slim fit has been favoured by most over the years, but for a more baggy fit it’s recommended to size up once, if not twice.

    Santa Cruz Women's Clothing runs very narrow and close so it’s recommended to size up once in the men’s section for a cosy fit, machine washable fit. Santa Cruz Clothing has bridged the gap between cosy casual and trusty Skatewear. Their chic design incorporates sturdy, hardwearing technology to stick it out while you Skate.