Fliker Scooters


Fliker Scooters: Unleash the Fun with Three-Wheeled Scissor Scooters

Fliker Scooters are the very latest in Three-Wheeled Scooter innovations. Unlike a traditional two-wheeled scooter, there's no need to push yourself along. Simply propel yourself by pushing the footplates in and out in a scissor-style motion. These Three-Wheeled Fliker style scooters are easier to balance than a standard two-wheel Scooter, and utilise more muscles than Scooting usually would. With more focus on movement, the body generates a self-propelling motion with maximum safety and maximum fun.

The Yvolution Scooter is the most well known version of the drift Scooter with its patented technology offering a drift experience like no other. The Scissor Scooter style allows for smooth carving and drifting options, all while the brakes have some of the sharpest response times on the market. The Y Fliker Scooters also comes with a twist and stow folding system, so you can take it anywhere with ease. At Skatehut, we're proud to offer a range of Fliker Scooter models from quality Skate Brands such as Ozzbozz, Yvolution Scooters and many more. Get started with today when you shop our complete bundles including all the protection you need with Helmets and Pad Sets. We regularly run promotions and have the best Black Friday Deals, so it’s never been easier to find cost effective solutions for cheap Three-Wheeled Scooters. V Scooters and Scissor Scooters are the very best in balance for your little ones, so explore the range today.

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