Need for Speed: Find the Perfect Bearings for Your Longboard

Longboarders can easily reach speeds up to 20 mph with some pro longboarders even pushing 50 miles per hour! The secret to a fast and longboard setup is a great set of bearings. Here at SkateHut, we have you covered with a range of top brands including Bones, Spitfire, Mini logo, and many more. Choose from a variety of materials and quality to help reduce friction including Swiss and ceramic bearings for the best premium roll or quality steel bearing if you want to get more technical. Chat with our knowledgeable customer service staff for help picking the best bearings for you with our live chat on our website.

Longboard Bearing FAQs

  • What bearings do i need?

    Your bearing choice depends on your riding style. For downhill racing or high-performance riding, ceramic bearings excel, offering exceptional speed and performance. They resist corrosion and handle high speeds well. However, for casual riding or commuting, steel bearings are a cost-effective option. While not as fast or smooth as ceramics, steel bearings provide excellent durability when properly maintained through regular cleaning and lubrication and are more resistant to shock. 
  • What is an ABEC rating?

    The ABEC rating measures the precision and manufacturing tolerances of bearings. While a higher ABEC rating generally indicates better precision, it doesn't always guarantee better longboarding performance. Factors such as material and lubrication also influence bearing performance. Bearings with at least an ABEC 5 rating typically offer decent performance, but it's important to consider other factors besides just the ABEC rating when choosing bearings.