Fixie Bikes Online with SkateHut

We have a wide range of fixie bikes or fixed gear bikes, here at SkateHut, so be sure to browse our range below. Fixie bikes differ to your regular freewheel Bikes or BMX Bikes due to it’s functionality. Pedal forward and go forward. Stop pedalling and the brake. Pedal backwards and you will go backwards.

A fixie bike is perfect for those looking for a low maintenance Bike as there are no gear shifters utilised and are perfect for flat ground and short trips. Not just this, but utilising a fixie bike means that your exercising more muscle due to needing to constantly pedal. This will help to improve your strength and endurance.

From well known brands such as Quella, we have a range of different size fixie bicycles to suit, not to mention an array of colours. Be sure to pick up your geared fixie bike now. If you’re not sure what you’re quite looking for that’s okay, SkateHut have you covered. We have Bike Buying Guides that can help you make a decision.