Secure a steal on all things Outdoors here at SkateHut. We know how important it is to get outside and soak up the Vitamin D and we’ve got everything you could need to have a blast out. From the innovative field and beach games like Spikeball, Crazy Catch and Crossnet among other ever popular Garden Games.

With great offers on Ride Ons, Gokarts, and Trikes for all ages, cruising the promenade has never been easier. Looking for high-octane action on the go? We’ve got you covered with our wide range of portable Outdoor equipment. With Gibbon Slacklines bringing out the balance skills in the wilderness and Target Practice Toys to help sharpen your instincts.

We’ve got Beach fun covered with Throwing Toys, Kites, Frisbees and Dryrobes for all your seaside adventure needs. Shop all the essentials for a fun packed holiday at SkateHut today and enjoy Free Delivery on all orders over £100.



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Welcome to SkateHut’s Outdoor webpage, where the fun never stops! We have a range of outdoor toys that will keep everyone in the family having a blast for hours and hours outside. Whether you are looking for a frisbee to chuck about, or a space hopper for your little one to bounce all over the place with, our range of toys is quite a vast one. Take advantage of the windier days and grab yourself a kite, or if you are feeling like a true acrobat, get yourself a trampoline for the garden. Our trampolines will allow you to improve your agility, getting your flips in. The great thing about our outdoor toy selection is that it is all extremely affordable, so that you, your friends and family can all have a blast without breaking the bank. Have a look around our outdoor page and if you have any questions, feel free to get in touch with our friendly customer services team that will be more than happy to help you out. 

Outdoor Toys FAQs

  • Are there outdoor toys suitable for all age groups?

    Yes, our range of outdoor toys are suitable for all ages and this is because we offer such a vast variety that we can cater to not only all ages, but all preferences too. For the little ones, we have a range of space hoppers and tiny pogo sticks which they can enjoy and for the slightly older kids, we have foam rockets and target practice toys to cater to the more adventurous children. We also have things like trampolines which the entire family, including adults can enjoy too! No matter what it is you are looking for when it comes to outdoor toys, you will be able to get something at least remotely close to getting what you are after if you browse our webpage. 

  • Are there any safety guidelines or recommendations for using outdoor toys?

    First of all you will want to make sure that the toys your child is using is recommended for their age bracket. A child playing with a toy that is designed for those that are older could cause them to injure themselves as they may not be able to handle the equipment properly. On the other hand, if they are using a toy that has been designed for younger children, they could potentially hurt themselves by breaking the equipment, for example if they are using a pogo stick that can’t handle their weight. You will also want to read the instruction manual that comes with the equipment to ensure that they are using the equipment as they should be to prevent any accidents or slips.

  • What else can I do to ensure the safety of my child as they use their outside toys?      

    You’ll want to ensure that your child wears the appropriate safety equipment, such as a helmet, elbow pads and knee pads to protect them against any falls they may experience. This is especially important for outdoor toys that involve height, speed and balance. Be sure to keep an eye on your child at all times, especially if they are toddlers to ensure they are playing safely in a safe space. Ideally, your children should only use their outdoor toys outside if the weather suffices. Make sure your little ones are also wrapped up warm on those cooler days, especially during autumn and winter.