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At Skatehut, we believe your Skates should be an extension of your personality. Whether you choose a casual sneaker style Skate or retro design, your Skates reflect your style. That’s why we have a range of brightly coloured and printed Quad Skate Wheels, so you can customise your Skates. The majority of Skates have stock 82A durometer Roller Skate Wheels which are versatile for indoor and outdoor Roller Skating. If your Skates get regular outdoor use, we recommend picking up some 78A Roller Skate Wheels.

From Rio Roller Light-Up Roller Skate Wheels and SFR Flashing Wheels to neon Reckless Roller Derby Wheels or Sims Street Roller Skate styles, you can find a Quad Skate design you love. To revamp your Skates, choose two identical designs for effortless style, or select different Quad Roller Skate Wheels to add fun and flair. Unsure whether your chosen wheels are compatible with your current Skate setup? Get in touch with our helpful customer service team today who will be happy to help find all the information you will need.

Quad Skate Wheels FAQs



    Quad skate wheels come in a variety of hardness levels, commonly measured on the durometer scale. The durometer rating indicates the hardness of the wheels, and it is usually represented by a number followed by the letter "A." The higher the number, the harder the wheel. Here are some common hardness levels available for quad skate wheels:

    Soft Wheels (72A - 78A): Soft wheels provide excellent grip and are ideal for outdoor and rough surfaces. They absorb vibrations and provide a smooth and comfortable ride. Soft wheels are perfect for outdoor roller skating, roller derby on slick surfaces, and recreational cruising.

    Medium Wheels (80A - 84A): Medium-hard wheels offer a balance between grip and speed. They provide a smooth roll while still offering decent traction, making them suitable for indoor and outdoor use on various surfaces. These wheels are commonly used for indoor roller rinks and all-around skating.

    Hard Wheels (88A - 95A): Hard wheels are designed for speed and agility. They offer less grip but allow skaters to achieve higher speeds and perform advanced tricks and manoeuvres. Hard wheels are well-suited for indoor roller derby, artistic skating, and dance skating.

    Extra Hard Wheels (97A+): Extra hard wheels are at the higher end of the durometer scale and are designed for maximum speed and responsiveness. They are primarily used for roller derby on polished or coated concrete surfaces and aggressive roller skating.

    Choosing the right hardness for your quad skate wheels depends on your skating style, the surface you'll be skating on, and your personal preferences. Softer wheels are more forgiving on rough terrain and provide better traction, while harder wheels are better for speed and sliding on smooth surfaces. It's essential to consider the type of skating you'll be doing and select the wheel hardness that best suits your needs.


    At SkateHut, our roller skate wheels are sold in sets for a variety of reasons. First of all, it encourages consistency in performance. If you buy one reliable set from us, each one of the four wheels will maintain a consistent and smooth movement, ensuring optimal balance which is crucial when it comes to roller skating, whether it be in the roller disco or in the streets. It also facilitates complete replacement too, encouraging skaters to replace all their wheels rather than having odd wheels from different brands. This goes back to the point about consistency, which is key, alongside balance. Lastly but not least, buying a set of wheels is much more cost-effective; so even if you only have one wheel that doesn’t seem to be performing well, you are better off buying a brand new set altogether as this will be a better use of your money and will offer a brand-new, high-quality smooth roller skating experience.