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Shop one of the largest collections of Roller Skates in the UK. Looking to get into roller skating for the first time? Quad Roller Skates for Kids are available but roller skates are also a great option for boys, girls, men and women alike. With four chunky Quad Skate Wheels and a reliable front brake, mens and womens quad skates offer one of the easiest ways to start Roller Skating. As a beginner, we recommend a hard boot with a high top for ankle support and a raised heel. This is to help you get used to keeping your knees bent and leaning forward when using Roller Quad Skates.

At SkateHut we know Skates sizing can be difficult, so our helpful Customer Service team is on hand to assist with any questions or queries you may have. We often recommend sizing up in most SFR and LMNADE skates, but the Rio Roller skates range is closer to being true to size. If you expect growth, or if you have wide feet or are currently at a x5 size, we recommend sizing up. If your Skates end up being a little roomy, we always say thick socks work a charm and make for a cosy skate. Generally, the Rookies and the Rio's are true to size. Trainer designs in particular are more generously sized so we recommend these for wider feet. Specifically, the Rookie Magic Skates, Rookie Harmony, Rookie Legacy Skates and the Rio Roller Luminas are ideal for this. Browse our wide range of all different kinds of skates including Inline Skates, Ice Skates and Ice Hockey Skates.




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Our extensive collection of roller skates features a wide range of styles, sizes and brands that cater to all roller skaters, regardless of their skill level or age. For younger riders, we offer roller skates size 4, roller skates size 5 and roller skates size 6. Our roller skates, no matter what size or aesthetic, are renowned for quality and durability. Whether it’s roller skates for younger riders, with the sizes listed above, along with roller skates size 7, roller skates size 8 and roller skates size 9 for fully-grown adults, all pairs are built to last. This range also comes in a variety of aesthetics and designs in order to cater to all preferences. 

They are also designed with safety as a priority, so you can relax knowing that the roller skates you purchase will be totally safe to ride, tried and tested thoroughly. Our range also caters for extreme fits, such as roller skates size 10 and other large sizes, along with very small sizes which can also be found on our kids scooters page. The layout of our website has also been designed for easy shopping; you filter by brand, size and other preferences to really drill down to what you prefer. We recommend using the filter function, as our roller skates range is nothing short of gigantic, but if you do get stuck, be sure to contact our friendly experts on chat or by telephone, and they will be happy to help you find the best roller skates for you. 

Quad Skates FAQs

  • How to Roller Skate?

    The three main tips for how to Roller Skate are bent knees, eyes up, and practice. Mastering the basics of skating essentially comes down to the understanding of shifting weight and balance. When participating in any kind of skating, be it wheels or blades attached to your feet, it’s essential to push through your knees and face forward, always looking ahead of you. When you Skate looking downwards, you're far more likely to fall as this will throw off your balance.

    A lot of competent skaters also find that their pads give them more confidence to skate. Skating without pads can change your skate drastically, especially as a beginner. In relation to this, nailing the bail is also super important. Falling backwards can be super dangerous in terms of hitting your head or falling on your butt. Knee Pads and learning to bail onto your knees will minimise damage caused while you practise and drill your moves.

  • Is Roller Skating Good Exercise?

    Roller skating is a great, low impact cardio and strength training full body workout. Favoured by those who suffer joint injuries or susceptible to encountering issues jogging or in the gym, Roller Skating provides a levelled, full body exercise. Before entering anything advanced such as street, park or artistic skating, the basics of skating are universally beneficial.

    As well as being arguably one of the most fun cardio exercises, Roller Skating can help improve your balance and spatial awareness alongside motor skills. This makes it great for younger skaters or those who suffer from impact injury or issues. The lack of harsh impacts makes skating an accessible exercise for those who may find running or other cardio challenging.

  • How Much Are Roller Skates?

    A decent first pair of Skates can be around £35. Any lower and you’re sacrificing valuable quality that could be detrimental to your experience learning to Skate. A decent quality and brand of Skate sets you up best moving forward (and backwards) in skating. Adjustable Roller Skates allow for greater longevity, although could lack comfort compared to set size Kids Roller Skates.

    Once you get into more advanced skating or perhaps you’ve outgrown your entry level Skates, we’d pin a decent pair of beginner / intermediate Skates at around £80 to £100. These will have higher quality components and the ability to handle more intense use. Some Skates in this range will also feature an adjustable toe stop. This allows for extended range of movement within the toe box and when carrying our advanced manoeuvres on Skates.

  • What's the difference between quad skates and roller boots?

    The terms "quad skates" and "roller boots" are often used interchangeably, but strictly speaking, "roller boots" can refer to any type of roller skates that have a boot-like design, while "quad skates" specifically refer to roller skates that have four wheels arranged in a square pattern.

    Traditionally, "roller boots" were used in roller rinks and for artistic skating, and they had a high-top boot that provided ankle support and protection. In contrast, quad skates were used for outdoor skating, and they had a lower-cut boot that allowed for greater flexibility and movement. However, today, the lines between the two types of roller skates have blurred, and there are many hybrid designs that combine features of both quad skates and roller boots.

    Overall, the main difference between quad skates and roller boots is the wheel arrangement, with quad skates having four wheels in a square pattern and roller boots having various wheel configurations. The choice between the two will depend on personal preference, intended use, and skating style.

  • What is your roller skates style and size range like?

    We have roller skates in all sizes, from roller skate size 1, 2, 3 and 4, all the way up to roller skate size 7, 8, 9 and 10. We understand that roller skating is a popular activity across the world, amongst people of all ages, skill levels, sizes and styles. It is for this reason that we are committed to ensuring that we have something in stock for everyone. You can treat SkateHut as your one-stop-shop when it comes to getting all of your roller skate shopping done. We also offer the best protection on the market, including helmets, elbow pads, knee pads and much more. If you are looking to enhance your current roller skates, we have roller skate parts and roller skate accessories from market-leading, trusted brands available too.

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