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Safety First: Your One-Stop Shop for Protection

If you need helmets, shin pads and gloves, look no further. Here at SkateHut, we stock everything you need to protect yourself while improving your grip, comfort and style. Whether you are looking for a new pair of durable MTB gloves that offer ultimate protection or a state of the art Poc helmet, we’re here to help.

With an array of knee pads and MTB gloves for ultimate protection in all climates, whether you're skiing or riding you can do so with confidence. When partaking in any extreme sport or activity we always recommend that Fox Helmets are of paramount importance. Especially when it comes to kid's helmets and BMX helmets. We have a range of individual guards or triple pad set bundles to cover the main points of protection. Knee protection, skating wrist protection and elbow pads keep you safe no matter the activity. Cover all bases with our bespoke skate protection bundle builder. Offering a vast range of protective items to keep you safe no matter how adventurous you plan to get.

At SkateHut, you can expect to find premium skate protection that is manufactured to the highest standards. Our products are designed with safety in mind and can prepare you for any outdoor adventure. From cycling and skating to longboarding and rollerblading, we’ve got you covered. Shop comfortably knowing you’re getting the most for your money with our bespoke skate protection bundles. Unsure of sizing? We have our dedicated Customer Service team on hand to assist with sizing advice via our SkateHut Live Chat or Customer Service Helpline.

Protection FAQs

  • What Protection do you need for Skateboarding?

    The most important piece of kit aside from your Skateboard itself is your Skate Protection. All Skateboarders should have Helmets as a number one protection item. Falling on your head can lead to life long injury as well as some nasty scars. We rank Helmets as the most important item of protection for Skateboarding and beyond. Triple Pad sets are the best base layer of protection. This includes wrist, elbow and Knee Protection.

    Knee Pads are super important for Skateboard bails, and wrist support is paramount when falling correctly. Elbows definitely don’t seem to get knocked as much but when they do you’ll wish you had your pads on. Skateboarding Protection preferences can vary from user to user. Some feel comfortable with just a Helmet whereas others find they almost forget how to skate entirely when they don’t have their pads on. The extra security of your pads can give you the confidence you need to succeed.

  • Should I wear Knee Pads when Skating?

    It’s super important to wear Knee Pads when partaking in any type of Skating to avoid serious injury. When doing any extreme sport or activity, protection is paramount. As much as we like to think we’ll be a Tony Hawk pro from day one, a lot of Skating is bailing. The best bail will mean you only fall on your pads. Getting used to dropping to your knee pads will save the rest of your body any stress or impact.

    Knee Pads are designed especially to harness the surface impact in a way that least affects your knees and joints. Knee Pads can come in different designs to suit the nature of the activity. If you’re experiencing lighter falls when learning there are basic Knee Pads or foam pad sets. If you’re Skating in the park or in need of extra support, there are some great pads design built for impact park protection.

  • What Protection do I Need for Roller Skating?

    Roller Skating bails and falls can be more common due to your wheels being attached to your feet but there are lots of ways to minimise damage to your very important body and limbs. A triple pad set and Helmet are most important, but lots of Skaters recommend a decent pair of Bumsavers if you’re starting out or partaking in more extreme Roller Skating at the Skatepark.

    Your Triple Pad Set will cover elbows, wrists and knees but the Helmet is the most important piece of protection, regardless of activity. Your helmet protects the most important part of your body and is the only way to ensure a safe Skate. Bum pads are great if you’re learning to Skate and finding balancing your weight forward difficult.