Gravel Bikes Direct with SkateHut

Shop the ultimate selection of Gravel Bikes at SkateHut today. Gravel Bikes are a Specialised type of Trek Bikes. A perfect mixture of both a Road Bike and a Mountain Bike, more designed for gravel and dirt road paths. The Gravel Bike components are capable of on and off road routes, they’re not designed for the harder riding of a Mountain Bike and won’t be as fast on the road as a Road Bike.

Gravel Bikes provide a more upright riding position than the average Road Bikes, and generally come with wider 45 to 50c tires closer to a Mountain Bike. The longer headtube means a shorter reach to the bars, which allows for a more comfortable ride. Perfect for road cycling as well as gravel riding, the Gravel Bike design is perfect for your multi-terrain off road trail routes. The ideal all round bike for anyone living outside of the city centre or frequent dirt paths/wooded areas. Designed with stability and durability in mind, Gravel Bikes allow you to cycle over dirt tracks and gravel paths with ease.

Of course, Mountain Bikes will always be more capable on rougher and steeper off-road trails, although they aren’t as fast on roads. Gravel Bikes have a slightly more streamlined design that lends itself to road use comfortably, which means Gravel Bikes are the top choice for Bike Packing. Shop Huffy, GT Gravel Bikes and more here at SkateHut today and enjoy Free Delivery on all orders over £100. Gravel Riding can be hazardous and we always recommend donning the relevant Protection before taking to your Bike. Ensure you check out our range of Crash Lids and Full Face Helmets when shopping for your Bike Helmet.