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If you want to get your hands on a scooter to dominate the urban landscape and city streets, then you’ve landed on the right page. Our street scooters category page offers you the top pick of street scooters on the market that have been designed for top-tier riding. They have been built to last, with durability in mind. The robust decks and functional wheels on this range will ensure that your setup can handle everything you end up throwing out it on the mean streets wherever you live. These street scooters are also incredibly lightweight, which means that you will be able to move with upmost agility, taking those sharp turns where needed, but you will also be able to lift the scooter, throw it about and land those tricks so much easier with much more control too.

Street Scooters FAQs

  • How is a street scooter different to a park stunt scooter?

    Street stunt scooters differ from park scooters in a range of ways, starting with the design of the scooter decks. Street scooter decks tend to be wider and shorter. This is because wider and shorter scooter decks prioritise stability for street tricks, allowing for a solid platform upon landing when taking on those mega moves. The scooter handlebars also tend to be slightly lower to aid in executing tricks and navigating the tighter areas that you will find on the streets, especially within cities. With regards to wheels, street scooters often feature softer wheels as this enables the scooter to absorb harsher shocks and bumps that you could find on the rougher terrains that come with street scooter riding. 

  • Functionality aside, how does a street scooter’s aesthetics differ from a park scooter?

    A street scooter’s aesthetics tends to resemble what it is set out to do and achieve, and that is, ride the streets in a hardcore fashion. This means these street stunt scooters will have more of an edgy look, with more graffiti-like artwork. Street scooters have some of the coolest scooter designs in the world, so if you want a complete scooter solely to ride casually from A to B with a striking look and style, then a street scooter is what you will want to get your hands on. It is also great for matching your outfits with, especially if you tend to wear street-style clothing. Rock a hoodie, a beanie or a snapback with some jeans and skate shoes, complementing a bad boy street scooter from SkateHut to get the full street experience regardless of where you are. 

  • Does Santa Cruz Clothing Run Small?

    Whether you go for a park stunt scooter or a street stunt scooter as a beginner largely depends on your personal preferences, goals and the type of terrain you plan to ride on. Both styles of riding have their own benefits and drawbacks and we will go though these now. With regards to street stunt scooters, they are very versatile and take on all sorts of terrains and surfaces and they are very durable too. You can also get quite technical with the stunts you perform too. With park scooters, they are good for beginners too, but they are better suited to beginners that want to ride on smoother surfaces in skate parks and those who want to really hit the ramps and progress their park stunts. Skateparks are beginner friendly environments, however, so in a nutshell, both styles of riding are ideal for beginners. 

  • Does Santa Cruz Clothing Run Small?

    Grinds are a popular street scooter riding trick where riders grind on a rail or ledge with both of the trucks on their scooter. You can either go for the 50-50 grind, where you grind on a rail or ledge with both scooter trucks or a smith grind where the front truck is on the rail/ledge and the back truck is lifted. You could even try a manual, where you ride on the back two wheels with the front wheels lifted, or go for an ollie, where you jump with both scooter wheels leaving the ground. Take it a step further and do a manual hop which combines both an ollie and a hop, and if you start to get really good, try a 180 degree or 360 degree spin too!