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The world of roller skating has always been popular but has increased in popularity in recent years. This is all thanks to modern day movies and TV shows which embrace the activity, as well as the California culture of roller skating in the streets which was prevalent in the 70s and 80s and has continued to be a staple of the Californian lifestyle that exists today. With current clothing and fashion trends resembling the 80s, it only makes sense as to why roller skating is becoming more and more recognised as a mainstream pastime. At SkateHut, we are a market leader in roller skates and roller skate parts. If you already have a set of roller skates and are looking to upgrade them, either for style or performance, the best way to do this is through a reliable set of roller skate wheels. A new set of roller skate wheels will have you looking incredibly chic as you roll but will also contribute to a much smoother, safer and more comfortable experience, so all in all, it’s a win-win. 

Roller Skate Wheels FAQs

  • Are roller skate wheels sold individually or in sets?

    At SkateHut, our roller skate wheels are sold in sets for a variety of reasons. First of all, it encourages consistency in performance. If you buy one reliable set from us, each one of the four wheels will maintain a consistent and smooth movement, ensuring optimal balance which is crucial when it comes to roller skating, whether it be in the roller disco or the streets. It also facilitates complete replacement too, encouraging skaters to replace all their wheels rather than having odd wheels from different brands. This goes back to the point about consistency, which is key, alongside balance. Last but not least, buying a set of wheels is much more cost-effective; so even if you only have one wheel that doesn’t seem to be performing well, you are better off buying a brand new set altogether as this will be a better use of your money and will offer a brand-new, high-quality smooth roller skating experience. 

  • What colour roller skate wheels should I go for?

    There’s a handful of ways you can choose your roller skate wheels and the first way we will talk about is by matching colours. For example, if your boots are red, you could go with red wheels of the exact shade or a shade similar. You could take the opposite approach and cause a clash of colours, such as having red boots and blue wheels, causing two bright strong colours to clash. Mix and matching is another option, where you mix and match certain colours and have a few odd ones in there too, for example two red wheels and two blue wheels on each skate. You may even want to take on the theme of the season, whereby summer will encourage brighter colours and winter will encourage more use of white to resemble snow and ice. Ultimately, it is up to you; you are in the driving seat when it comes to choosing your roller skate wheels so have a bit of fun with it!

  • What durometer rating is suitable for my roller skate wheels?

    For indoor skating in roller discos, the surface is bound to be softer than outdoor spots, so if you plan to roller skate indoors, you will want to go for a softer durometer, whereas outdoors skating involves taking on all sorts of rougher and harder surfaces, so you will want to opt for a mid to high durometer. If you play roller derby, it really depends on your playing style, but many players tend to go for harder wheels, as this gives them improved speed, maneuvrability and agility. The best thing you can do is experiment with different wheels of different durometers and see which type fits the style of skating that suits you best.

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