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Shop the very best Skate Shoes range at SkateHut today. Using specially designed Skate Shoes is super beneficial for your feet in the long term and will step up the quality of your practice in the short term. The right Skate Shoe can catapult your progress and add confidence to your Skating experience. Different Skaters will have different needs, which will affect their choice of Skate Trainer and why they favour them.

Here at SkateHut, we are proud to stock a superior selection of Skate Shoes, in a wide range of colours and styles to cover all your Skating needs. Most Skate Shoes come with vulcanised soles and are flat soled for maximum grip and boardfeel, but cupsole construction with arch support is also available depending on your needs.

We are dedicated to saving our customers both time and money when shopping online for Skate Shoes and strive to go the extra mile to ensure that your experience is stress free. Our helpful Customer Service team is on hand 7 days a week to assist with any sizing or Skate Shoe queries you may have.

Product FAQs

  • What is a product?

    The best Skate Shoes are durable and flexible while allowing for freedom of movement. Some Skaters prefer a more cushioned sole, but what’s predominantly used on the scene are flatter, bendier soles that allow more movement and board feel with maximum durability. When looking towards Professional Skateboarders, Vans, Adidas Skate Shoes and Emerica dominate the industry.
  • Are Skate Shoes Good for Walking?

    When it comes to walking, Cupsole Skateboard are the superior choice. These shoes are considered the best all-rounders, available in two main types: Cupsole and Vulcanised. Cupsole construction offers a thicker and more durable option, as the rubber isn't cooked onto the sole.

    On the other hand, Vulcanised soles are softer and thinner, offering a better board feel. Despite their design for skateboarding, Skate Shoes are remarkably versatile and excel as daily walkers. Brands like Vans have innovated features like the waffle pattern sole, ensuring maximum grip while riding. With reinforced and cushioned insole technology, skate shoes can withstand harsh impacts, making them reliable companions for any journey.

  • What Should I Look for in a Good Pair of Skate Shoes?

    When shopping for a Good Pair of Skate Shoes, you should look for a durable soul and comfortable ankle placement. When looking at Skate Shoes Brands, Lakai Shoes, Etnies Shoes and Vans Shoes are some of the most popular. Traditional Skate Shoes have slimmer soles, most notably the Vulcanised Sole which allows for maximum flexibility while remaining durable in the places Skaters need it most.

    This is commonly found in Skate Shoes Adidas make, as well as Skate Shoes Nike SB design. Lakai Skate Shoes are the most frequently chosen Skate Shoes men gravitate towards with their support surrounded designs that offer both freedom of movement and reinforcements in targeted areas, such as landing spots or frequently bashed areas.