Optimize Your Trucks: Unlock Your Longboard's Potential

Looking to get the most out of your trucks? A fresh set of bushings can change your ride significantly! Softer durometer bushings will help you get more turn without having to loosen your trucks too much and stiffer durometer bushings will help soak up speed wobble when bombing hills. Here at Skatehut, we have a wide range of longboard bushings available, including Orangatang bushings, venom and more. Why not take a look at the full range of bushings for sale to find your perfect option? Chat with our knowledgeable customer service staff for help picking the best parts for you with our live chat on our website.

Longboard Bushings FAQs

  • What are longboard bushings/cushions?

    Longboard bushings are urethane support cushions mounted on the kingpin and fitted into the bushing seat on both sides of the hanger. They offer adjustable resistance for turning and prevent metal components of the truck from grinding. With two bushings per truck, you can customize your ride by adjusting the size, shape, and durometer. Often overlooked, bushings play a crucial role in your longboard setup, and finding the right combination can greatly affect your riding experience, making it essential to experiment with different options tailored to your ride style and body weight.
  • What durometer (Hardness should I get)?

    When determining the appropriate durometer for your longboard bushings, it's essential to consider both your weight range and riding style. Soft bushings, ranging from 78a to 83a, offer greater responsiveness but may sacrifice stability, while harder bushings (91-98a) prioritize stability over responsiveness. Your weight range should guide your initial selection, but adjustments may be necessary based on your riding speed and style. For fast freeride or downhill speeds, opting for a slightly harder durometer or a more restrictive bushing shape can enhance stability. Conversely, for transportation or carving, choosing a slightly softer durometer or a less restrictive bushing shape can promote a more playful and responsive feel.

    Additionally, split durometer bushing setups allow for further customization. Combining a harder boardside bushing with a slightly softer roadside bushing provides a stable base while maintaining responsiveness, catering to various riding preferences and styles. Experimenting with different durometers and setups can help you find the ideal combination for your longboarding experience.

  • What shape bushings do I need?

    When selecting your bushing shape, it's important to consider the turn characteristics you want for your ride. Common shapes include short and tall cones, and barrels, each offering distinct turning characteristics. Short and tall cone bushings provide a lively and responsive feel ideal for transportation and carving but may sacrifice stability at high speeds. Barrels, filling the entire bushing seat, offer increased stability, making them suitable for aggressive freeride and downhill riding. Pairing barrels with cones can provide a stable and responsive setup for various riding styles, with the option to enhance support for higher-speed riding by using a double barrel setup with a softer durometer roadside bushing. Ultimately, experimenting with different shapes and combinations can help you achieve the desired feel for your longboard setup.