A different beast from your run of the mill Stunt Scooter, Dirt scooters are good for all-terrain. Designed for people that want to ride off-road on dirt trails, forests, or over grass. Our range of dirt scooters are perfect for those who want to venture on the wilder side. With sturdy fixed bars that will ensure you ride safely over any surface. These bad boys allow you to perform all kinds of exhilarating tricks, runs and manoeuvres. Allowing for high impact sessions you wouldn’t be able to pull off in parks or on the street.

We stock Dirt scooters from the most reliable and trusted brands on the market, including Invert, Xootz and Zimx. An off-road scooter is a smart investment for those who like adventures. These Scooters come with an anti-slip footplate, so that you can be rest assured that you will be able to ride safely with full stability and without the risk of slipping. The dirt scooter is the ideal choice for any child who wants to steer away from the younger Scooter styles and appear a little more grown up. Our range includes dirt scooters for adults and kids, allowing for that extra inclusivity and family fun.

You haven’t really tried off road scooting until you take one of these out for a ride. Our range of Dirt Scooters are lightweight with a quality feel throughout, and suitable for rough terrains and surfaces like dirt roads, parks, and even inclines making them great for exploring nature. Fans of action sports are bound to enjoy the wide range of unique riding opportunities made possible by an Electric Scooter.

At SkateHut, we are experts when it comes to Scooters. We are renowned for our well-trusted scooters for kids which have been tested thoroughly to ensure that our products are 100% safe and reliable. If you have any enquiries about our range of dirt scooters, call and speak to a member of our trusted team at SkateHut. The UK’s number one action sports retailer.