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When it comes to all things Skates, you’ve certainly come to the right place with SkateHut. In our wide range we have everything from cheap skates for sale to top of the range quality rollers skates, ice skates and rollerblades. Including a bunch of must have accessories and even skate package bundles. Better still, our skates come from some of the biggest skates brands available. So you can count on getting the highest quality skates on the market. Within our online skate shop we have categorised all our skates into different styles and purposes to make your search even easier. Whether you are looking for adult roller skates, inline skates or even ice skates, you are sure to find them with ease at SkateHut.

Skating is a fun filled activity for all the family, enjoyable for all ages, from adults to kids. That’s why at SkateHut we stock the UK’s largest range of all kinds of different Skates for all age groups. From roller skates for kids to quad skates for adults and everything in between. Not only do we offer skates for all age groups, we also provide for every kind of skating. Whether you are taking up roller disco skating or are buying a new pair of hockey skates, rest assured you will find them here at SkateHut. Available from a wide range of top brands such as Bauer Skates, Impala Skates including the all new Barbie Movie Skates, Rio Roller Skates and the Rookie Classic 78 Quad Roller Skates.

On the rare occasion you can’t find what you’re looking for within our skates collection at SkateHut, why not try our custom skates bundle builder. This package bundle allows you to mix and match all your skates, helmets and pads all in one easy bundle. Or even get in touch with our helpful advice team at SkateHut, we are more than happy to help meet all your skating needs.

Skates FAQs

  • What size skates should I buy?

    The size of skates you should buy can vary depending on the brand and style of the skates. It's important to refer to the size chart provided by the manufacturer, as each brand may have slightly different sizing. Generally, you should choose a size that feels snug but not too tight, and allows for some wiggle room in the toe.

    SkateHut offer a wide range of sizes, from Junior sizes all the way up to UK size 12. Skates are just like buying buying shoes and unless you're absolutely sure what size you are, it's always worth heading into a store to find the right size for you. Our friendly staff are always at hand to help with things like this.

  • Which Skates are best for beginners?

    As a beginner choosing between Roller Skates and Rollerblades, isn’t easy, as it’s truly down to personal preference. Quad Skates have a wider wheelbase so generally are thought of as more user friendly, but in reality many find inlines easier to balance and Skate on. The two-by-two layout of Quad Wheels offer more stability and are generally slower with their larger wheels and bulky set up. 

    Inline Skates have all three or four wheels in a single row formation and the wheels themselves are a lot slimmer than Quad Wheels. This means they’re much faster than quads, due to the lessened friction with the ground. Inlines are generally better suited for outdoor and long distance when prioritising speed. Quad Skates are a more versatile Skate in terms of the type of Skating you’re able to do. Although slower in terms of a mode of transport, you’re able to venture into rhythm and dance Skating with the utilisation and removal of the toe stop.

  • What are the 3 types of Skates?

    The three primary types of Skates are Ice Skates, Inline Skates and Quad Skates. In terms of Ice Skate types, you have Figure Skating Skates, recreational Skating and speed Skating. A Figure Skate Boot features a block heel which provides more balance and ankle support to cater for jumps and turns. Recreational Ice Skates provide casual support and comfort for seasonal use. Speed Skate Boots often have longer blades for longer contact with ice. These boots are often lower with less ankle support but maximum ankle movement. 

    The second type of Skates are Roller Blades, also known as Inline Skates. Inlines can have 3 or 4 wheels depending on the type of Skate and are often primarily known for their speed. Aggressive Inline Skates have no brake and can often feature a grind plate in the centre for street Skate use. The third and final choice is Quad Skates. There are various types of Skating and each has their own boot best suited. There is dance/jam Skating, park Skating, recreational Skating and speed Skating. In terms of boot types, there is a figure Skate similar to the heeled Ice Skate design which aids balance and weight distribution, a more aggressive speed Skate which is often heavily padded but tied low for maximum ankle movement. 

    The final type of boot is a more recent mainstream contender but it is the park Skate. Taking to the Skatepark on Roller Skates has often been a DIY job, but with the rise in popularity of street and park Skating we’re beginning to see more and more complete park set-ups on the market.

  • How do I maintain my roller skates?

    To maintain your roller skates, you should wipe them down after each use with a damp cloth to remove any dirt or debris. You can also periodically clean the bearings with a bearing cleaner and lubricate them with a bearing oil to ensure smooth rolling. It's also important to store your skates in a cool, dry place and avoid leaving them in direct sunlight or damp areas.
    SkateHut also offer a huge range of skate parts and accessories to help maintain your skates and keep them in tip-top condition. We also have lots of advise on our blog as well as our YouTube channel to help.
  • Can I customize my roller skates?

    Absolutely! Many roller skate brands offer customisation options, such as changing the color of the wheels, adding different laces or toe stops, and even customizing the boot with embroidery or decals. However, be aware that customizing your skates may void any warranty or return policy, so be sure to read the manufacturer's guidelines before making any changes. 
    You can find a wide range of accessories to help customise your skates, including skate wheels skate laces and more. We even have a fantastic range of skate bags to help keep your skates safe and secure.