If you love roller derby, you need the very best roller derby boots! We know that fit is everything, if you’re an amateur just starting out or a seasoned professional who has been in the game for years. That’s why here at Skatehut, we only stock the best-fitting boots. Should you be seeking the ultimate roller derby skate boots, take a look at our extensive range. We offer leading brands, from the vibrant LA-based Moxi, to the high-end, luxurious Riedell 965. Does your budget lie somewhere in-between these two? Try Antik’s collection of roller derby boots, which focus on ankle support, or the classic Chaya. Other big names include Mota, Luigino, Jackson and Bont Vaypor, so there’s plenty of big brands to choose from. No matter what your playing level, your gaming experience all begins with high quality roller derby skate boots. Shop the full collection at Skatehut today.

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