Shop Aggressive Inline Skates

At SkateHut, we offer you the absolute finest of aggressive inline skates from the top inline skate brands, such as Anarchy Skates. You can relax knowing that all of our inline skates are designed for high performance; they will be able to handle the tough vigours that come with inline skating. Our inline skates range consists of a range of designs to suit all styles. 

If you are looking for a thrilling and dynamic skating experience by executing tricks and stunts, along with grinding on all sorts of surfaces like ramps and rails, then aggressive skates are what you will want to get on your feet. They are designed for increased manoeuvrability, a lot of the time, with smaller and more responsive wheels that allow for this increased ability to move and change direction in quite a sharp manner. 

Aggresive Inline Skates FAQs

  • What distinguishes aggressive inline skates from other types of inline skates?

    Aggressive inline skates are different to standard inline skates when it comes to the design of the models. Aggressive skates are tailored to meet the requirements of hardcore inline skating, where skaters are looking to execute tricks, stunts and grinds regularly. They are also much more durable too, which makes sense since hardcore skating will require more robust models that can handle the day-to-day pressures of aggressive skating. 

    This can be seen with the lower-cut boot which tends to be commonplace amongst aggressive inline skates. This lower-cut boot gives more ankle flexibility which leads to more precise and sharper movements. The smaller wheels on aggressive skates also contributes to more control and responsiveness when it comes to making precise and accurate movements and directional changes. 

  • Can I use aggressive inline skates for other types of inline skating, such as fitness or recreational skating?

    The answer to this question is yes! Although aggressive skates are designed for aggressive skating, they can be used as part of your fitness routine and in fact, this is a great fitness choice. This is because certain exercise routines can be laborious and boring for some, so incorporating inline skating into your workout routine will keep you entertained and more committed to the cause. Balance and cardio are required with inline skating, especially if the skates you are using are aggressive inline skates, so this will offer an agile cardio training session as you cut through from A to B. 

    As aggressive inline skates are built for speed, you can push yourself to the limit and maximise the number of calories you are burning by incorporating bursts of pushes, along with going hard and dropping a trick or two.  

  • What safety and protection gear should I use for aggressive inline skating?

    First and foremost, you will want to make sure that you are wearing a reliable helmet at all times to protect your head from any slips, falls and collisions which will happen as you embark on your inline skating journey. You will also want to wear elbow pads and knee pads to protect these parts of your body from getting grazed and injured as you fall. We would also advise that you wear shinguards and wrist guards too, to take your protection to the fullest.