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Here at SkateHut, we are proud to stock state of the art Ice Skates and Ice Hockey Skates for men, women and children, all at great prices. You can find a wide range of Skate Equipment for the whole family right here. We have Kids Ice Skates for all abilities too. Whether you are looking to step out on to the ice for the first time and need your first ever pair of Ice Skates. Or if you have been Ice Skating for years and want to step up your game with a pair of Bauer Ice Skates, we have you covered. You can browse a fantastic selection of Ice Skates, Figure Skates and Skate Accessories on our Online Skate Store.

We also offer a top quality Blade Sharpening service to ensure your Skates arrive ready to hit the ice. Shop top brands on and off the ice like SFR, Graf, Chaya, LMNADE, Jackson and Edea. Ranging from heavy duty adjustable Ice Skates to professional standard Ice Hockey Skates, use our store filters to help you find your perfect Skates. We have a selection of blade covers and manual blade sharpeners as well as Ice Skate Bags to carry all your gear to and from the ice.

Want a specific colour? Have a specific budget? Use our colour and price filters to help narrow down your search. With a huge collection of Mens Ice Skates, Womens Ice Skates and Figure Skates, you’re sure to find the right pair of Skates for you. If you need help or advice in choosing your Ice Skates, contact our friendly Support Team who are always happy to help! Enjoy free delivery when you spend over £100 at SkateHut Today.

Ice Skates FAQs

  • How to Ice Skate?

    Balancing on your blades can be a little tricky to begin with. Although Ice Skate blades are rigid, this makes them sturdy and stable. Much like with any other form of skating with blades, wheels or otherwise, it’s best to bend your knees and ready your centre of gravity.

    From a still standing position it is more difficult to balance. To move forwards, push outwards through your leading knee. Although the diagonal push may feel unnatural to begin with, with practice this will become more comfortable and your balance will improve. Once you’ve got momentum it’s more about balance and weight shifting between which foot is on the ground.

  • What to Wear when Ice Skating?

    As much as you need to consider that you’re on the ice and it will feel a little chilly, you’re also partaking in what is essentially a full-body workout. Of course, at SkateHut we recommend wearing the appropriate protective gear to avoid injury. Pads and protection are paramount when learning to Skate, like in any discipline.

    Not only will they of course keep you safe when skating, wearing your pads can add a degree of peace of mind which can boost confidence when skating. Some skaters are perfectly competent in their skills but once their pads are off, it’s Bambi on ice. There is never any pressure to push yourself further than you’re comfortable with. Good, fun skating is all down to confidence, practice and enthusiasm.

  • How Much are Ice Skates?

    Ice Skate prices will vary depending on what you’re looking for. Basic entry level Ice Skates can be found at around £35. These Skates will be very basic and great for younger beginners expecting foot growth or great non-committal options for those who haven’t been on the ice before.

    Moving up to a beginner / intermediate boot will set you back roughly £60 to £80. These will be a higher quality, slightly more advanced design. This could mean extra boot padding for support, a high quality blade and often a factory blade sharpen service. As you advance on the ice, a superior boot could cost anywhere from £150 to £250. These will be geared towards more specific use such as advanced Figure Skates.