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Enjoi Bird Watcher Custom Skateboard - Blue 8"

This Custom Skateboard from SkateHut would normally cost over £150.00!

This skateboard would be a brilliant choice for any beginners who are looking for their first board or even intermediate level skaters looking for a bargain! Built and ready to shred courtesy of the SkateHut Build Team!

  • Enjoi Bird Watcher Skateboard Deck - Blue 8"
  • Bullet Skateboard Trucks - Silver 140mm
  • Spitfire OG Classic 99a Skateboard Wheels - Grey 54mm
  • Spitfire Burner Bearings
  • MOB Grip Tape - Black
  • Indy 1" Skateboard Truck Bolts

Please note: Product image is for illustrative purposes and is an approximation of the actual product.