Skateboard Griptape For All Sizes!

Griptape really doesn’t have to be boring. We’ve got such a great range of products that you’ll be able to make your deck look equally good on both sides, whether you’re updating your current board or creating something completely new. If you’re looking for some stylish graphics, a pattern or bright colours, we’re sure to have some griptape that you’ll love. We’ve got camo print, skull and crossbones and neon checkers, all designed to make your skateboard stand out from the crowd. Browse our fantastic range of skateboard griptape today, and you can buy at the click of a button.

Skateboard Griptape FAQs

  • What is griptape used for?

    Griptape allows for enhanced traction by creating friction between the bottom of the skaters skate shoes and the skateboard deck. This traction and friction allows for solid grip which also leads to improved control too. This non-slip surface also gives the skater a sense of stability and prevents the risk of slipping and falling. You can really express yourself with your choice of griptape too, opting for something that really speaks to you. If you go for griptape that you like the look of, it’ll also push you to go that extra mile in the skatepark or street or wherever you decide to skate. Never underestimate the power of having reliable griptape on your setup as it can absolutely make all the difference.

  • Is griptape easy to clean?

    Over time, griptape can end up picking up dirt and debris and this can seriously affect the quality of your ride, hindering the entire setup. We’d first advise that you use your hands to remove any sort of loose dirt and debris from the griptape, before removing with the grip gum or a toothbrush to scrub gently in a circular motion to remove stubborn stains. You’ll then want to wipe away residue with a clean cloth or paper towel. If the wear and tear on the griptape seems unfixable, then you will want to replace it. At SkateHut, we offer grip tape to suit all skateboard deck sizes.

  • Can I use griptape on a longboard?

    Similarly to skateboards, applying grip tape to your longboard will offer tons of benefits for when you are cruising and making those carves. You will first of all need to consider the size of your longboard deck and ensure that the griptape you decide to go for fits your longboard correctly, but equally, the grip tape needs to have adequate strength to ensure it stays stuck onto the surface. The abrasive texture has been designed to prevent the rider from slipping or losing control; absolutely essential when cruising down a steep hill at high speeds. Be sure to press the griptape down as necessary to remove air bubbles that may form during the application process.