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Tilt Better Bearings 4-pack - Red

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  • Semi Sealed
  • Rubber Shields
  • Pre-Greased
  • Pack of 4 Bearings
  • Abec Rating: Who Needs One!

Tilt are coming at you with the Better Bearings set for Pro Scooters. A set of 4 bearings that try to end the ABEC myth.

Tilt would love to move passed the rating game and just supply you with a no-nonsense set of bearings that yields a fast roll and a bearing that will not get crunchy over time. And also the bearings utilize a construction that won't let dirt and moisture ruin your day at the skatepark.

The Better Bearings come with a light grease that will provide a long-term lubrication. The spacers included are made from chrome steel and will therefore not compress under high loads. This helps the wheels stay dialed by preventing the bearings from seizing up.