Eastpak was founded in 1952, starting as a manufacturer of military-issue backpacks and duffel bags. For both functional and fashion, carry your essentials on the go in Eastpak bags. For a wardrobe essential that you'll use every single day, check out SkateHut's collection of Eastpak bags, backpacks, suitcases, shoulder bags, bumbags and more. Eastpak bags are easy to carry and roomy enough to hold everything you need. Use the advanced filters at the side to help you browse our wide. If you want to travel lighter when you're on the go, bumbags are the perfect size to carry all your travelling essentials. From street-smart backpacks to convenient shoulder bags and ingenious luggage and travel items, every Eastpak bag or accessory is designed to let you cram more life into your day, whether moving across the globe or just across town.

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