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At SkateHut find the UK’s largest selection of Stunt Scooters from all the best brands. A step up from your average recreational Scooter, Stunt Scooters are built specifically to cater to your stunt based needs. From professional Stunt Scooters for adults, purpose built for pulling off incredible tricks, to a variety of starter Scooters for Kids, both girls and boys stunt scooters. Our range of the best Stunt Scooters are perfect for those who want to venture on the extreme side.

With sturdy fixed bars that will ensure you ride safely in the park and on the street, these Custom Stunt Scooters allow you to perform all kinds of exhilarating tricks, runs and manoeuvres. Allowing for high impact sessions you wouldn’t be able to pull off with your standard run of the mill Scooter. All Scooters are price-matched so you can rest knowing you've got the best price available. We have great deals available on beginner Scooters, both boys and girls stunt scooters, intermediate Scooters and pro Scooters. Find adult Stunt Scooters from leading brands such as MGP, Blunt Envy with their popular Blunt S9 Scooter, Slamm, Blazer Pro District, Grit Scooters and many more on our online Skate Shop.



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Our adult and kids Stunt Scooter filters make it easy to find the best option no matter what your age or ability. Go for a Pro Stunt Scooter if you’re working your way to the top of your game or grab a Cheap Stunt Scooter if you’re just starting out.

Consider yourself a seasoned rider ready to take your stunt game to the next level? Why not design your very own Custom Complete Set Up with our Custom Stunt Scooter Builder. Our designated build system makes sure you choose the best compatible parts. With so much choice it can be hard choosing the right Scooter, like the Blunt Envy S9 or the all new Blunt Envy Prodigy X Stunt Scooter, but someone from our friendly team at Skatehut can help. Get in touch via phone or email for some help or advice if needed.

Stunt Scooter FAQs

  • What is the Best Stunt Scooter?

    The Best Stunt Scooter will be the perfectly sized and weighted model for the rider. Scooter Handlebars should sit comfortably between the bottom of your stomach and your belly button. The Best Stunt Scooter fits perfectly between these two points. For maximum longevity we recommend aiming for the foot to navel measurement as the total height of the Scooter. This make it incredibly easy when testing out Scooters.

    Another factor to be mindful of is the weight of the Scooter. If you’re aiming for the most air time then a lighter Scooter will be the best for you. If you’re tearing up as much of the streets as you can, you’re going to need something a little more sturdy and durable, which is often also heavier. The Blunt Envy Prodigy Range offers a great all round option with their Blunt S9 Scooter, Street and XS models making them the adult Stunt Scooter of choice. You can also get the all new Blunt Envy Prodigy X here at SkateHut.

  • What is a Kids Stunt Scooter?

    A Kids Stunt Scooter is often the first step into the stunting world. Most children will use regular Scooters to play and travel already, so it becomes the easiest gateway into the World of the Skatepark. Mini Stunt Scooters are a great beginner level choice to explore the park with both boys and girls stunt scooters. With their tailored design specifically for younger Skaters, the smaller, lightweight components are super user friendly.

    With interest amongst youngsters growing rapidly some of the biggest names in Stunts have produced some fantastic Mini Stunt Scooter choices. The likes of Mongoose Scooters, Dominator and most recently Blunt Envy released their new Prodigy XS range. The smaller Scooter Deck sizes are better equipped for smaller feet and easy to use and aluminium handlebars can also be cut down if they’re too tall for the user.

  • Where to buy a Stunt Scooter?

    The best place to buy a Stunt Scooter for adults and kids is your favourite extreme sports equipment store. Here at SkateHut we understand that toy shops can be a great one stop shop for gifts but when you’re looking for more adventurous equipment it’s always best to consult the pros.

    We’re proud to have our very own designated sales and build team on site with first hand knowledge of everything Stunt Scooter related. When buying a Stunt Scooter it’s far more beneficial to buy in store for a chance to accurately size and try before you buy. You’ll never get a better consultation than when you talk to the specialist stunt team for any advice or questions you may have regarding parts, compatibility, complete Scooters and beyond.