If you're a pro, your stunt scooter setup should be your pride and joy. Make sure you stand out from the crowd! Get a setup that suits your preferences and reflects your personality. At SkateHut you can choose custom made scooter setups built by riders, for riders. Our in-house experts know all the major brands in the stunt scooter game. Our custom builds are constructed with parts from industry-leading brands like Blunt & Envy, Crisp Scooters, MGP, Blazer Pro and Addict Scootering. Trust SkateHut to deliver a completely unique and designed perfectly to suit your individual needs. We are experts in selling skateboards, scooters and skates, so you can be guaranteed the best when you buy custom scooters from our online store. Enjoy Next Day Delivery completely free of charge, with any complete scooter below.

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