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Scooter Compression Kits

Choose from a variety of the best scooter compressions kits from Skate Hut. With a range of compression kits, bolts and clamps from trusted brands, in different colours and finishes, you’re sure to find exactly what you need with us. Whether you’re in need of a simple compression bolt or a shiny red compression clamp, our range is bound to give you what you’re looking for at a price that will make you smile. When choosing your new compression kit, make sure that your scooter will fit. If you have any questions, then please don’t hesitate to get in contact. Buy your compression kits with us today.

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  1. Logic SCS V2 Clamp - Raw

  2. Logic SCS V2 Clamp - Red

  3. Addict Bearclaw SCS Clamp - Bottle Green

  4. District S-Series SCS Clamp - Neochrome

  5. Striker SCS Clamp - Blue

  6. Striker SCS Clamp - Green

  7. Striker SCS Clamp - Red

  8. Tilt ARC SCS Scooter Clamp - Silver

  9. Tilt Sculpted LT SCS Scooter Clamp - Silver

  10. Lucky SCS Scooter Clamp - Anodized Red

  11. Lucky SCS Scooter Clamp - Black

  12. Lucky SCS Scooter Clamp - Polished

  13. Chilli Pro Coil SCS Quad Bolt Clamp - Black

  14. Chilli Pro Coil SCS Quad Bolt Clamp - Blue

  15. Chilli Pro Coil SCS Quad Bolt Clamp - Green

  16. Tilt LT Sculpted SCS Scooter Clamp - Black

  17. Tilt LT Sculpted SCS Scooter Clamp - Orange

  18. MGP IHC Compression Bolt

  19. Drone HIC Cap - Silver

  20. Dare Warlord SCS Clamp - Blue