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At Skate Hut we know how much you love bouncing around, that’s why we’ve got such a great range of pogo sticks for you to choose from. With pogo sticks from Y-Volution, Qu-Ax and Krunk we’ve got a range of top quality and cheap pogo sticks in our selection.

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  1. Y-Volution Maverick P1 Pogo Stick

    £34.95 £39.95 Save 13%
  2. Krunk Pogo Stick - Black/Red

  3. Qu-Ax V200 Under 20kg Pogo Stick - Green

  4. Qu-Ax V200 Under 30kg Pogo Stick - Red

  5. Qu-Ax V200 Under 50kg Pogo Stick - Blue

  6. Qu-Ax V200 Under 80kg Pogo Stick - Black

  7. Indy Folding Pogo Stick

    Out of Stock