Are you keen to improve your reaction times, reflexes and agility, all whilst having an amazing time? If the answer is yes, then Crazy Catch is just what you need! It is a set that returns a rebound right back to you, as if you were competing against an opponent. What makes Crazy Catch different though is that it isn’t just a bunch of netting that gives you a basic rebound; it is designed to give you an unpredictable rebound, as if you were training with a training partner. This means that you can train efficiently and improve your skills drastically alone! This all thanks to the set’s double netting design, which Crazy Catch has patented, so you won’t find anything else quite like this on the market. Crazy Catch was in fact founded by Andrew Sinclair, father or New Zealand Black Caps cricket sensation, Ian Sinclair! Andrew Sinclair, was on a mission to help develop a cricket training aid for his son Ian. If, however, you are after a predictable rebound, then do not worry! The overlay of net layers means that one side of the set will give you an unpredictable rebound, whereas the other will give you reasonable predictability, meaning that you can choose the side to match the skill level! Although this amazing brand was founded by family which loves cricket, it has been used by athletes for all sorts of sports, such as netball, tennis, rugby and more! Crazy Catch isn’t just good for training and improving your skills, it also offers bags and bags of fun! It can be played in the garden on park, or even in the playground!

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