Skateboard shockpads and risers are hard plastic pads that go between the trucks and the deck of your board. There are two types of skateboard shockpads for sale - one is around 3.2mm tall and the other is 6.4mm tall, typically known as risers. Although they're not essential to your board, they can resolve some of the common problems that skaters encounter. So, what do they do? As well as preventing wheel bite (when the wheel comes into contact with the deck), they also dampen the vibrations and reduce the amount of shock on the deck. If you're prone to skating on rough or irregular ground, shockpads will help reduce the risk of breaking your board. Protect your board with quality shockpads from leading brands like Independent, Sushi and Enuff. They are available in a variety of striking designs and colours to complete your board set-up in style, while also improving the comfort of your ride.

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