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Toddler Scooter Buying Guide

How To Choose The Best Scooter For Your Toddler

What is a Toddler Scooter?

Toddler’s scooters are designed for younger children to ride, safely and easily. Most toddlers’ scooters have two front wheels and one back wheel, as well as a lean-to steer mechanism, to make the scooters more stable, and to help children develop their balance.

Toddler scooters vary in shape and size, as different brands and models cater for different ages, abilities, environments and uses. Many models of toddler scooter feature height adjustable handlebars to accommodate for growth.

Is my child old enough for a scooter?

Toddlers should be ready to ride a scooter between the ages of 2-3; however the most important thing to consider before they start is that they can walk unassisted, confidently. There’s no rush, kids learn at their own pace so they should only start whenever you feel they’re ready!

Are Toddler Scooters safe?

Safety is at the forefront of production in toddler scooters, and we wouldn’t stock any products that we don’t deem to be safe!

The three-wheel and steer to lean design that toddler scooters feature means that they are much more stable than normal scooters and reduce the risk of falling. They are also built from lightweight materials such as plastic and aluminium, so that they are easier to manoeuvre and reduce the risk of injury in case of a fall.

Most toddler scooters are also fitted with fast-action rear brakes that are easy to operate, allowing children to control their speed and steadily reach a stop. Recommended ages and dimensions of scooters are also available, so that you can determine which scooter would be the best suited for your child.

Whilst these safety features are in place to prevent injury, the most effective way to prevent injury whilst scooting is always to wear protective gear! We advise wearing a helmet at all times when riding, no matter what age or ability. Pad sets are also a good idea to avoid bumps and scrapes, especially for those just starting out. You can shop all protective gear, here.

Why get a scooter for my toddler?

Scooters are good for kids! As parents, it’s good to promote healthy, active hobbies to kids, and scooting offers exactly that. Getting on a scooter encourages kids to develop their co-ordination and motor skills from an early age, as well as helping with their balance. It’s also been said that scooting helps grow children’s independence and confidence, by allowing them to get out and learn new things for themselves.

With the use that a scooter will get, they also prove great value for money. Children never get bored of scooting! Scooters can be ridden almost anywhere, and are great for not only speeding up the school run, but for making it fun too.

Examples of Scooters

Scooters For Kids Aged 1-3 Years

Globber My Free Evo 5-in-1 Complete Scooter - Deep Pink

Globber My Free Evo 5-in-1

For the younger toddler, Globber have created a 5-in-1 model which can take a variety of forms and caters for different ages. It can go from a ride along stroller to a full three wheeled scooter! This offers an option for the much younger child, and can be controlled by either the parent or child depending on which form it is in.

Scooters For Kids Aged 2+ Years

Zycom Zykster 2 In 1 Scooter - Lime/Blue/Red

Zycom Zykster 2 In 1

The Zycom’s base can be used as either a seat or a footplate, so it doubles as either a ride along or as a scooter! This scooter is a great option for giving a younger toddler that little extra helping step into riding a scooter.

Scooters For Kids Aged 3+ Years

From 3+ years, the majority of the scooters are based around the same three wheel, lean to steer design, with each brand and model having slightly different features. Two of the more basic models in this range are the Y-Volution Y Glider Deluxe, and the Globber Starlight.

Further up the range, the Globber My Free series has different models that include features such as an adjustable handlebar, a folding mechanism for easy transport, a safe learning wheel locking system and light up wheels!

These scooters will usually be suitable for kids from the ages 3-5, especially if they feature a height adjustable handlebar.

Scooters For Kids Aged 5+ Years

For those who have outgrown their standard size toddler scooters, there’s the Y-Volution Y Glider XL Scooter and Globber My Free Primo Plus. These are slightly up scaled models with a higher maximum rider weight, designed for an older toddler. The Globber My Free Plus is suitable for kids up to the age of 6, whereas the Y-Volution XL is slightly bigger and will be suitable up until about 8 years of age.

Stunt Scooters

Between the ages of 6-8, a child should be reaching the age where they’re able to ride a smaller stunt scooter designed for their age. You can check out our Stunt Scooters Buying Guide here, and shop all Stunt Scooters here!

Things To Consider When Purchasing!

It’s important to get the right size scooter for your child; otherwise it may end up useless or difficult for them to ride! Always check the maximum rider weight when purchasing, and ensure that the height of the handlebars is suitable for them. The recommended height for scooter handlebars is directly between the hip and the naval.

Another thing to consider is whether your child likes their scooter! If a child thinks their scooter is cool, then they’re going to get a lot more enjoyment and use out of it. This can come down to things as simple as colour or light up components - give your child a range of suitable options and see which one they like the most!

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