Heelys Buying Guide - How to choose your Heelys

Heelys - How to choose your pair

Everything you need to know

Need help choosing your Heelys? Don’t worry, we have you covered. Use our buying guide below to get clued up on these world-famous shoes.

Heelys are shoes and roller skates moulded together to create a hybrid that's mostly for kids, but there are plenty of adults who like to join in the fun too! With a variety of colours and designs available, you can balance enjoyment and style whilst speeding along.

When you step out with some Heelys on your feet, you have the freedom to alternate between walking or skating by shifting your weight to your heel. When the wheels are taken out, the shoes perform just like any other.

Heelys are an integral part of SkateHut as a brand. These rolling beauties are what go us started! Read here to find out more - About Us

Are heelys banned in the UK?

Heelys are perfectly legal to buy and use in the UK as well as most other countries. However, please ensure you are safely using them in a secure environment.

What sizes are available?

We have a wide range of sizes available from UK junior size 11 all the way up to UK size 7. So the youngest and oldest of users can all enjoy the fun that Heelys provide.

Should I go for one-wheel or two-wheel Heelys?

Two-wheeled Heelys are better suited to first-time users and beginners as they provide more stability when riding. However, if you improve your skills and balance over time just easily pop one of the wheels out and you can turn easier and go faster with just the single wheel.

Heelys for beginners

Take a look at some of our best selling Heelys for beginners. Two-wheeled Heelys are traditionally best for beginners as they offer more stability for your feet. However if the beginner is a fast learner on wheels, a pair of one-wheel Heelys would be just as good!

Heelys X2 Classic - Black/White/Hot Pink

Heelys X2 Classic - Black/White/Hot Pink

This all-black sneaker with a white base and toe, finished off with pink trimmings is one of our most popular designs. Combining fashion and functionality.

Heelys X2 Classic - Black/White/Blue

Heelys X2 Classic - Black, White, Blue

Slightly more detailed with white lines running down the side, this blue and black style has a classic canvas skate shoe look.

Heelys x Chupa Chups Pro 20 - White/Black/Multi/Nylon Canvas

Heelys x Chupa Chups Pro 20

This delicious pair is from the Heelys X Chupa Chups. This simple but authentic look is sure to catch the attention of others as you glide in style.

Heelys X2 Dual Up - Rainbow/Unicorn

Heelys X2 Dual Up - Rainbow, Unicorn

Grab yourself a themed style, with this rainbow unicorn edition. It gives off an iridescent shimmer and looks fantastic

Heelys X2 Fresh - Black/Red

Heelys X2 Fresh - Black, Red

This model is a lot more minimalistic and basic, with a rubber toe cap that aligns the black base colour. The red then brings a vibrant and colourful style to the shoes design.

Heelys x Reebok Court Low - Vector Navy/Vector Blue/Solar Green/White

Heelys x Reebok Court Low - Vector Navy

A personal favourite, these pair are from the Reebok X Heelys collab range. Styled in a navy and white colour, these Heelys actually look like your everyday trainers.

Heelys for Adults

We have a great range of Heelys sized 6 all the way up to size 12. Why should kids have all the fun? View our full range of Heelys for men and women. Or check out our favourite picks below.

Heelys Voyager - Black/White

Heelys Voyager - Black/White

Heelys x Reebok Court Low - White/Neon Blue/Solar Yellow/Electro Pink

Heelys x Reebok Court Low - White/Blue/Yellow/Pink

Heelys x Spongebob Pro 20 Prints - Black/Multi Canvas

Heelys x Spongebob Pro 20 Prints - Black/Multi Canvas

How to Heely

We have some tips on how to get started -

Before you learn to Heely, make sure that you are in a safe environment and have the necessary protective equipment. If you begin to feel off balance whilst learning, remember to switch your weight to your toes rather than your heels. This should help to stop you from falling! We recommend learning with a friend - it’s much easier to learn with someone to hold onto and walk beside you!

To start

  1. 1. Place your feet in a line, one in front of the other.
  2. 2. Move your weight on to your heels, raising your toes slightly. You should now be balancing on the wheels. Remember, if you feel off balance, put your weight onto your toes to stabilise yourself again!
  3. 3. Practice this position with your weight on your heels until you are comfortable holding it.
  4. 4. Get a friend to pull you along in this position, or if necessary, use a ledge or rail to pull yourself along and stay balanced.

To gain momentum, follow the Step, Plant, Kick actions.

  1. 5. First, take a step forward with the foot which is at the rear when you are Heelying.
  2. 6. Place your leading foot in front of this, planting your heel to the ground with your toes pointing upwards.
  3. 7. Kick off with your foot behind and place it back on the ground, heel first.
  4. 8. Balance and glide!

Please watch this informative video below to learn more about how to ride off in your Heelys.

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