Complete Skateboards Buying Guide

Welcome to the SkateHut Skateboard Buying Guide. Our aim is to supply you with all the info needed before buying a complete skateboard. Whether you’re buying for yourself, a friend or a child, we’ll walk you through everything so that you can make the right decisions when it comes to your purchase decisions. To learn how to buy a skateboard, read all the tips below.

Skateboarding - A Hobby or A Sport?

Skateboarding is both a great hobby and an extreme sport. To get outside and work on your craft, you will need to have a great board to practice on. Skateboarding is also an entire community. Hanging with friends, commuting from one place to another or practicing tricks at the skate park can be a great way to make friends and hone your skills at the same time.

Buying A Complete Skateboard

A complete skateboard is simply a board that has already been assembled. It will have all the elements assembled together: wheels, a deck, trucks and grip tape. Ready to ride! It’s important to know what to look for when choosing a complete skateboard for yourself or another, that way you can make the right decision and the right purchase, first time around.
When purchasing a skateboard you generally will have three options:

Blue and White Rampage FTP Custom Skateboard Enuff Classic Logo Skateboard Tony Hawk 180 Wingspan Complete Skateboard

Rampage FTP Custom Skateboard - Blue/White

Enuff Classic Logo Mini Skateboard

Tony Hawk 180 Wingspan Skateboard

What Size Skateboard Should You Skate?

Skateboard Width

When it comes to choosing the width of your skateboard, there are generally four different types of size categories. The width of the board you choose will impact a lot on the way you master your tricks and the ability you will have to master your tricks. Ultimately it does come down to preference and board feel, but when shopping online you can stick to the following size and age chart.

skateboard size chart

Skateboard Length

The length of your skateboard matters a lot less than the width.

Mini skateboards

Mini skateboards will have a length of 31 inches and under. We recommend these boards to children up to the age of 10. Mini boards are lighter in weight making them easier to carry and perform tricks on. These boards also tend to be narrower in width too.

Full-size skateboards

For skaters over the age of 10, we‘d recommend a full-sized board. With more surface area to work with, older skaters will find it easier to maintain good balance when skating and it will also provide a better chance of balancing once landing a trick.

skateboard length chart

Skateboard Wheels

Wheel size and durometer is not really something to worry about when buying a complete skateboard - especially for beginners. Most complete skateboards will range between 50mm and 54mm and durometer will mostly range between 97A and 99A. Wheel specification is something a skaterbecomes more concerned about at an intermediate-expert level

Skateboard Trucks

Again, trucks aren't something to be too concerned with when buying a complete skateboard. However it wil be worth noting that on all complete skateboards the trucks are not super tight. Trucks may or may not need to be tightened upon purchase. This will all come down to the weight of the skater. If you are in any doubt about this aspect of the skateboard or would like some advice on trucks. Pop down to your local skate shop or call our friendly support team for help and advice.

The Best Place To Buy Skateboards

We advise against buying mass produced skateboards from toy stores or superstores, as they tend to be made from cheap materials and therefore may not last long. The best place to buy complete skateboards is from a trusted skate shop. Here you can get face to face help and advice on choosing the right board for you, whether you’re a beginner or a pro. Failing that you can go with a reliable online skate shop. SkateHut is a one-stop shop for all things skate, with a  friendly Support Team on hand to give more information and advice.

Enuff Classic Logo Complete Skateboard Enuff Pyro II Complete Skateboard Yellow Welcome Sloth Complete Skateboard

Enuff Classic Logo Skateboard

Enuff Pyro II Complete Skateboard

Welcome Sloth Complete Skateboard

Custom Skateboards

Thinking of getting your own custom board? Try out our Custom Skateboard Builder. Choose from any one of our fantastic skateboard brands. Desperate to build your own board and reap the DIY accomplishment benefits? Order all the parts you need online and get building!

Need Help? You can contact us either by phoning us on 0121-501-1111 or by emailing us at or by using our online chat service.

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