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Commuter Scooter Buying Guide

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How To Choose Your Commuter Scooter

What is a Commuter Scooter?

Commuter Scooters, also known as Adult scooters, are scooters that are purpose built for commuting! These scooters are designed to navigate urban environments comfortably and get from A to B quickly and efficiently. You’ll find that almost all commuter scooters feature a folding mechanism and adjustable handlebar, making them easy to carry and store when necessary.

Why should I buy a Commuter Scooter?

‘Faster than walking, less sweaty than cycling’ seems to be the verdict that’s coming from the new rise of commuter scooters! Commuter scooters offer a brilliant alternative to the age-old public transport or car commute.

We’ve picked out 6 benefits of using a commuter scooter -

Time – Commuter scooters are quicker than walking, and can even be quicker than taking the bus. Use it to get to and from the train station from the office or home, or just cut out your bus journey and scoot straight there! With scooters there’s no traffic, and plenty of opportunity for shortcuts. The simple increase in speed makes it easy to shave time off your daily commute.

Money – Avoid paying parking, train and bus fees by scooting to work! Or if scooting the whole commute isn’t possible, it’s still possible to avoid parking fees at a train station by scooting there instead. Whilst a commuter scooter does come with a price, this will be saved over time by what you won’t spend on public transport or parking!

Accessibility – Most commuter scooters are designed with folding mechanisms and collapsible handlebars so that they can be carried and stored when on public transport or at work. They’re also designed to be lightweight so that they’re not a burden to carry! Scooters are much more portable than bikes, and as you can keep them with you, they don’t face as much threat of being stolen.

Exercise – Scooting to work might not quite be the exercise that cycling or running there is, but it’s still a light enough exercise to get you going in the morning and to not be too tiresome on the way home. Not to mention, it’s fun! Try dropping the cramped public transport for some fresh air.

School Run – Make the school run fun – as well as quicker! Not only will the kids love it, it’ll save plenty of time in the mornings.

What Are The Benefits of Using a Push Scooter?

There are some factors to consider when deciding which type of scooter to buy. If your journey is not too long, then a push scooter is the better option. Whilst push scooters do require more effort to operate, they can easily see you through a smaller distances. They are much lighter and easier to fold or compact, making them suitable for public transport and the ultimate benefit us that they're cheaper! If your journey requires public transport along the way or isn’t too far to scoot directly, then a try a push scooter. It is the most suitable option.

Take a look at your possible routes and figure out what kind of scooter is best suited to your journey!

Factors to Consider

Picking a Scooter for Your Journey

Wheel Size – Differences in wheel size has a knock-on effect on top speed, acceleration and the effort of scooting. Bigger wheels are generally preferred for commuter scooters, as they get further faster, and handle cracks and bumps in the pavement much easier. As wheels cannot be collapsed however, they do add to the overall size of the scooter. Smaller wheels make for a more portable scooter and are easier to maneuver, however they do sacrifice speed and distance.

Compactable – There are different levels to how compactable a scooter can be. Most simply just fold in half and can be carried by the collapsed handlebar, whilst others feature more compactable components such as grips or frame. The Recreational Complete Commuter Scooter  is an example of how easy it is to carry a scooter on-the-go. 

Weight – If you’re planning on carrying your scooter around a significant amount, the weight of the scooter should play an important part in your decision. Most commuter scooters weigh between 4.5kg - 5.0kg. There are models that weigh less than this, but again these models sacrifice wheel size and strength for their reduced weight. Get a model that you’re comfortable carrying around!

Size – Adjustable handlebars tend to be a standard feature of commuter scooters, with most scooters maximum height being in the range of about 100cm. Some brands and models of scooters also have shorter or thinner footplates to help with the overall weight and size of the scooter. It’s best to try a few models and brands out to see which size feels most comfortable for you!

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