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Buying A BMX Bike

BMX stands for Bicycle Motorcross and in the 70s it was birthed and exploded with popularity! With the evolution over time, the sport now centres around racing, street and freestyle. There are different BMX bikes designed for different types of riding so to help you find what you’re looking for we’ve put together this handy buying guide.

Finding The Right Size

BMX Bike Size Chart
Rider height 4ft and under Frame size 12 - 13.5inches
Rider height 4ft and under Frame size 13.5 - 15inches
Rider height 4ft – 4ft 6inches Frame size 15 - 16.5inches
Rider height 4ft – 4ft 6inches Frame size 16.5 - 18.5inches
Rider height 4ft 4inches – 4ft 10inches Frame size 17 - 18.5inches
Rider height 4ft 8inches – 5ft 4inches Frame size 18.5 - 19.5inches
Rider height 5ft 4inches – 5ft 10inches Frame size 19.5 - 20.5inches
Rider height 5ft 10inches & Over Frame size 20.5inches & over

Finding the right size BMX bike can be made easy with this simple chart. We’ve outlined the general size rules followed when it comes to age and height. Important things to take into account with sizing is reach. You want to make sure you can comfortably reach the bars, and that you have a secure grip. Feel free to pop into one of our stores where you can speak to a member of staff and find out more.

Beginner BMX Bikes

If you're new to the world of BMX and you're not too sure which one to get, here are a few that we recommend. Once you've purchased your bike, we always recommend popping into your local bike shop and getting a bike technician  to assemble your bike correctly. We perform this service in our Halesowen and Manchester stores. If you decide to put the bike together yourself, we recommend you bring it in-store so we can perform a PDI check to ensure that is had all been set up safely for you.

The following bikes are suitable for riders 4ft to 5ft 4 inches.

GT 20 Mongoose 20 U Legion Complete Red Venom 2019 20

GT 20" Air 2019 Complete Purple

Mongoose 20 U Legion L10 2020 Complete BMX - Red

Venom 2019 20" Complete BMX Red

Mafiabike Kush2+ Complete - Monchrome Black/White Mafiabike Kush2+ Complete - Dusk GT 20 U Mach One Junior 2020 Complete

Mafiabike Kush2+ BMX - Monchrome Black/White

Mafiabike Kush2+ BMX - Dusk

GT 20 U Mach One Junior 2020 BMX

Street vs Racing BMX Bikes

BMX racing bikes are undoubtedly built for speed, acceleration and stability. The key thing racers look for is weight. Obtaining a light BMX bike is ideally what you want when you’re into racing. Racing bikes are often manufactured with lighter materials. As mentioned earlier, not all BMX bikes are the same. There are different types of BMX bikes designed for different styles and types of riding.


The most common type of BMX is currently street. Freestyle riders have fun with tackling urban infrastructure, rails and other street obstacles. To enter into this type of riding you’ll need a BMX complete with the following features:

  • • Versatility
  • • Strong sturdy build
  • • Low profile tread pattern
  • • A strong rear v-brake

Here are a few BMX completes from our stock range that fit this profile.

Haro Midway tt 2019 bmx Fit 2020 Scumbag LHD FC 20.75 Fit 2020 Series 22 TT BMX

Haro Midway 20.5" TT 2019 BMX

Fit 2020 Scumbag LHD FC 20.75" TT BMX

Fit 2020 Series 22" TT BMX


Racing bikes are noticeably lighter than their freestyle brothers and sisters. BMX racing takes place on purpose built racing courses. The following bikes are suitable for racing, not so much for tricks or hard impacts on concrete.

GT 16 Haro Race Lite 20 Mongoose 20 Title Expert 2020 Complete - Red

GT 16" Mach One 2019 BMX Bike - Blue

Haro Race Lite Expert XL 20" 2019 BMX - Black

Mongoose 20 Title Expert 2020 BMX - Red


Flatland has been referred to many times as the breakdancing of the BMX world. It refers to the style of BMX where the tricks are done by the rider but with the bike. Full of lots of pivots, balance tricks and more. BMX bikes built for flatland tricks tend to have a smaller frames and other features perfect for slow tricks on flat and smooth grounds. To get a bike perfect for flatland tricks, get yourself a BMX with the following features:

  • • Smaller frame and wheelbase
  • • Longer seatpost
  • • Zero-offset fork

Here are a few bikes that fit this bill:

Radio Saiko 19.25 Stolen Casino XS 20 Blank Tyro 20

Radio Saiko 19.25" BMX Metallic Lime

Stolen Casino XS 20" BMX Red Black Tie Dye

Blank Tyro 20" BMX Polished Lime Anodised

Dirt Jumping

Dirt jumping is all about getting in the air, doing tricks and having fun. It’s a style that came from BMX track racing and has since progressed. This type of BMX riding requires purpose-built dirt jumps. The name of the game with dirt jumping it to get air-born! Here are the bike features you’ll need for a BMX for dirt jumping:

  • • Sturdy rigs
  • • Versatile rigs
  • • Low profile tread pattern
  • • Wider tire
  • • Rear u-brake or brakeless
  • • Pegs and cable detangler

Here are a few bikes that fit this description:

Mafiabike Blackjack D Complete BMX Mongoose 26 M Fireball BMX Purple SE DJ Ripper HD 26 INTL BMX Black

Mafiabike Blackjack D BMX - Black

Mongoose 26'' M Fireball Complete BMX - Purple

SE DJ Ripper HD 26" INTL BMX - Black


Park riding takes place in indoor and outdoor skateparks conquering ramps, rollers and jumps. Adhere to this feature list if you’re getting a BMX for park riding.

  • • Versatility
  • • Strong sturdy build
  • • Low profile tread pattern
  • • A strong rear v-brake

Here are a few bikes that fit this description - all of which have high-tech gyro systems:

Mongoose 20 Legion L40 2019 Complete BMX Tall Order Pro Park Complete BMX Haro Mirra Tribute 20.5 TT 2019 Complete BMX

Mongoose 20" Legion L40 2019 BMX

Tall Order Pro Park BMX

Haro Mirra Tribute 20.5" TT 2019 BMX

Shop by Popular Brand

When purchasing any complete bike from SkateHut, we do recommend that you bring it in-store to be assembled, or take it to your local bike shop. We perform this service in our Halesowen store and our Manchester store. If you decide to assemble the bike at home, we recommend you bring it in-store to get PDI checked. If you don't get a PDI check this can void your warranty on the bike. We also recommend that you get your bike protection at the same time you purchase your bike - always ride safe! 

If you have any questions or need any advice on buying a BMX bike, feel free give us a call on 0121 501 1111 or get in touch through we’re always happy to help!

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