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For the latest in skateboard clothing, Skate fashion and accessories look no further. SkateHut is the UK's number one online skate shop. We are product leaders in all things skate, that includes one of the most extensive collections of skate clothing around. Shop online today for a full range of skate clothes from your favourite brands. From Santa Cruz clothing to Hype clothing, we boast a wide range of styles and aesthetics with our clothing for skaters. 

All the best clothing brands to keep you looking cool and staying protected with our specifically hardwearing choices like Dickies, Thrasher and Nike SB. All of these clothing brands are chosen and trusted by skaters. Browse our website for everything from Thrasher Hoodies and outerwear to Levis 501 Jeans, Skater Jeans and mountain bike clothing. We offer stylish skateboard clothing for kids and adults so you can find hip clothing for the entire family. Whether you’re stepping into adventure and need sturdy mountain bike clothing or just want a cool fit when you’re chilling at the skatepark, we’ve got you covered. 

Browse our online Skate Store for the best skateboarding clothing brands around, including Vans Clothing, Thrasher, DC Shoes, WeSC, Eastpak and many more. With hundreds of styles to choose from, filter by product at your own convenience. Contact our friendly customer service team today if you are looking for a specific product. Or need help in choosing the right Skate getup. View the full Skate Clothing range and shop now.

Skate Clothes FAQs

  • What types of skate clothing does SkateHut offer?

    Our clothing range spans a huge spectrum of skate clothing, ensuring that skateboard enthusiasts of all ages and tastes can find the perfect garments to step their swag up and express themselves to the world. Our skate clothes range from t-shirts, jeans, jackets, coats, caps, beanies, sunglasses and so much more. Regardless of whether you are a skater or not, we have a load of clothing in stock from the best skate-related brands, including the likes of Adidas, Nike, Thrasher, Vans and Santa Cruz, to name a few. We are always stocking the next big thing when it comes to extreme sports brands, and this is the same with clothing too. 

  • Can I find limited edition or exclusive skate clothing at SkateHut?

    Absolutely! At SkateHut, we understand the importance of individuality and the desire to be unique in the world of skating and skateboarding. With this in mind, we regularly offer a selection of limited edition clothing pieces, with limited stock, for limited time only; it doesn’t get any more limited edition than that!

    These limited edition pieces of clothing aren’t just garments, however. They are pieces of art designed to be worn so that you can showcase your individuality, letting everyone in your surroundings know who you are. By giving our customers the chance to get their hands on limited edition skate clothing, we are giving them the opportunity to own something that is truly one-of-a-kind. Rock your gear and have it be a conversation starter, because there won’t be very many people wearing the same thing!

  • How do I care for my skate clothes

    Take care of your skate clothing by washing them with cold water to play it safe, in order to preserve the colour, vibrancy and fabric intensity, Cold water is a lot more gentle upon fabrics and materials, preventing any wear and tear and minimising risk of garments losing their shape during the wash too. You’ll also want to ensure that you follow the instructions provided on the clothing label, as they are tailored to washing those specific materials. To further safeguard the outer appearance of your skate clothing, turn the pieces of clothing inside out before throwing them into the washing machine. This helps to keep friction between fabrics to an absolute minimum. Storing your clothes away also helps to keep them in tip top condition. Hang your garments in a well-ventilated area to allow for good air circulation and avoid overcrowding in your closet to prevent wrinkles and creases.

  • What should I consider when choosing skating clothing for colder weather?

    When going hard on your skateboard during the chillier months, you’ll come to realise that choosing the best skate clothes for the season is not only important for staying warm, but it allows you to remain mobile and agile so that you can execute those tricks with ease, regardless of the temperature. 

    Insulated hoodies are a winter favourite amongst skaters and fashionistas alike. Browse our website and look out for hoodies that have been made using thermal lining or extra insulation to give you that much-needed warmth. Not only will they keep you cozy and warm, but they also give you a casual and stree-smart look at complements skate style as a whole, along with other skating clothing you might have in your wardrobe. . 

    Beanies are a wardrobe essential in the winter; when you keep your head warm, your body feels a lot warmer too. Our selection of beanies are available in all sorts of styles and colours to suit your personal taste.