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Standeazy Watercolour


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Product Description


  • 210 x 95 x 4mm
  • Weight: 25g

The credit card sized stand for handheld devices. Watch, chat, listen, creat, chare- hands-free! Colourful, bright, and always with you. 

Within seconds, Standeazy turns from a 2-D object to a tough and stable 3-D stand able to hold a smartphone in different portrait and landscape angles.

Standeazy is designed to work with most standard smartphone models - it is the perfect phone accessory that fits in your wallet. No bulky covers and no awkward shapes! Standeazy will convert your phone into a hands-free entertainment machine wherever you are!

You can use the phone stand anywhere - at home, in the office on your desk, on the train or plane - wherever you want to watch something hands-free. Watch TV and movies, view photos and slideshows. Use the phone stand as a holder to take photos, or as a bedside clock. This is the perfect gift for any smartphone owner.

Mums find it great for entertaining the kids in those crucial moment when a bit of peace and quiet is required on the go - but it's also a companion at home to ease household chores by allowing you to watch TV or videos hands-free wherever you find a flat surface.

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